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Replaced a new battery, car still won't start

I've tried to jump start the car but it didn't work, so I took the battery to Autozone. They said the battery was bad. But after the new battery was replaced the car won't start either. What might possibly be the cause?

Also, seems like the problem isn't the battery. Can I return it to Autozone and get the old one back? That one is 4 years old by the way


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Re: Replaced a new battery, car still won't start

Well this is a Best Buy forum and cannot really hold a conversation regaring AutoZone policies or procedures.


However, there is a good chance it icould be your alternator is not producing electricity. 


Now I am not poking fun becuase I have seen it before.  Make sure you have gas in the car.


chances are your old battery is long gone. 

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