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Remote starter for honda accord 2013

I would like to know how much it will cost for remote starter/keyless entry for honda accord 2013 with installation and charges. Looking for 2 way reponsder. 

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Re: Remote starter for honda accord 2013

the viper 4806 will be the first option for you in our stores, besides a compustart model, which some stores will carry and other will not.  viper is carried at all locations so i will give you the break down of the first 2 way model that can be found at all stores, but not necessarily in stock, so make sure you call before going into the store.


 1) material charge $5.00

 2) Viper 4806        $299.99

 3) hood tilt switch: $9.99

 4) FLCAN/DBALL: $99.99

 5) Module install:   $59.99

 6)Trunk release:   $39.99

TOTAL:             $514.99



1) material charge applies to all vehicles for shop supplies

2) price of your remote starter system

3) safety switch to make sure you vehicle doesn't try to start up while work is being performed on your car

4) module to simulate the chip in your key so that it can be started remotely

5) module installation for installation of FLCAN/DBALL

6) trunk release labor, for trunk pop from your remote (optional meaning you don't need this if you don't want it)



Hope this helps! great question, and if you are looking to set up a time feel free to call any of your local bby installation bays to get setup with a installation time!  best of luck!

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