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Remote start for son for Christmas?

I would like to buy my son a remote start for Christmas; however, I do not know much about them. He has 2013 Ram 1500. I've been looking at the ones with 1 mile range or the smartphone app. Any pros or cons to either of those? Also, would like the 2 way. Any recommendations on a system would be greatly appreciated. Also, I know that there are additional installation fees above the quoted GeekSquad installation, any ideas on how much I'm looking at for this vehicle? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Remote start for son for Christmas?

going to keep this short and sweet.  for the most part the 2 way is really a must IMO because without that you have to rely on seeing your car to know if it is running.  with the 2 way you will get a confirmation back on your keyfob letting you know that it is running which is really nice option to have.  with the most basic 1 mile 2 way communication device you will be looking at a remote start with keyless entry called the viper 4806


viper 4806 w/basic installation 299.99

hood tilt switch 9.99

immobilizer bypass 99.99

parking light relay 12.99

parking light labor 39.99

module installation 59.99

total before tax 527.94

^this would be the basic installation, if you are looking at adding any extras like horn honk, rear defrost you would be looking at 39.99 for horn honk, 59.99 for rear defrost, and whatever extras just let the installer know for a quote.  the smart phone application has an annual fee of i believe 59.99 a year, unless they are running on a promotion.  the module to add it on is extra also.  if you are looking at the smartphone application on you should just buy the remote start that has it with it included.  the vss3001 is 409.91 before tax and without extras.  i personally would recommend adding it on to the 4806 so that you could have remotes if you no longer want to pay the yearly fee, or lose your phone.  best of luck.  call your local installation bay if you have further details or pricing questions.  thanks for the post!

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