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Remote Start, Keyless Entry, and Security System Questions Answered!

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Best Buy houses some of the best installers in the industry.  All of the Geek Squad Autotechs are MECP certified (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional), offer a lifetime warranty on all of their workmanship, and did I mention that is nationwide?! Any Best Buy location with an install bay can warranty our workmanship from shop to shop, so if you move out of state, or run into an issue while traveling, stop into any of our locations to see about scheduling warranty work.


Where to start? Below I am going to breakdown some of the features that come standard with our remote start, keyless entry, or security systems.


1-way communication:

There are a few different communications that you can have when buying a system. 1-way communication systems will allow the customer to press the remote start button on their “key fob,” then if you can see the vehicle, the parking lights on the vehicle will flash, and stay running when the car has successfully started. 


2-way communication:

Are you looking to start your car(s) from far away, and you cannot see your vehicle(s), a 2-way communication system would be the perfect option for you.   The 2-way systems will allow you to push the button on your “key fob,” and since you cannot see your vehicle, the remote will play a melody, or give an error tone, to let you know if the vehicle successfully started or not. The confirmations can come in LED lights, melody with chirps, or an LCD screen that displays the features. 


Smart phone communication:

Are you in a remote location that has trouble sending out a signal past one mile? A Viper Smart start or Compustar Drone might be the best option for you. Quite literally wherever you have cellphone reception you will be able to start your vehicle, lock, unlock, and whatever other features you added on to your system at the time of installation. Since there are so many great features for both of these devices I added a couple quick links to help with research before buying, and making sure it is the right fit for your situation.


Remote start ONLY:

A remote start will allow immediate comfort for any climate that you might live in. If you live in a state where it is hot all the time, remote start your car, and get into a cool car with the air conditioning running. Now if you live in a state where it is bitter cold, remote start your car and get into a toasty warm vehicle. A remote start system will heat and cool your car for a designated run time of anywhere between 6-60 minutes.


Remote start keyless entry:

A remote start with keyless entry will allow you the added range of your existing power locks (if equipped), and add remote start all in a single “key fob.” So now you can toss your old factory key fob, and replace it with a new Viper or Compustar remote with basic features such as lock, unlock, trunk release, panic, and remote start. 


Remote start keyless entry with security:

I like to call these systems the ultimate combo for my customers. If you are a customer who is worried about the security of your vehicle, and want to add on a remote start and keyless entry at the same time, than these are the systems for you! These systems have a number of different “key fob” styles to alert or confirm what your vehicle is currently doing.   


During our winter months our Autotechs are busy working to keep up with the demand of remote starts coming in to be installed. The installation times range between 2-5 hours, on average. Some cars take more time than others, and our techs do get booked out quite fast once the first snowfall occurs. Sometimes many of our stores, especially the ones in colder climates, can be booked out for a couple months. Please understand that our Autotechs work on a first-come, first-serve basis.


If you haven't heard about our Total Tech Support, please be sure to ask your Geek Squad Autotech!


Car Security & Remote Starters

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