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Re: Avital 4103 Remote Start Question

I bought my 2006 GMC Danali in July 2014 and the 4103 remote start was already installed and has been working without any problems until last week when it stopped responding at all. Installed new proper battery in the remote and still not doing anything , green light does flash when attempting to unlock or start. Now what ?
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Re: Avital 4103 Remote Start Question

Great question, i know how important a remote start is, especially this time of year!  If you can look up your local best buy and ask to speak with an installer you can have your vehicle looked at.  if you still have the yellow copies that we give you at the end of your installation, that is the easiest way for the autotechs to pull up your information.  with the busy time of year you might be looking at waiting a little while for your car to be looked at so don't hesitate to call us and schedule.  Thanks for your patience, and i hope you get your remote start working again during these cold days!  best of luck!

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