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Amp and sub combo. Help a newbie out please :)

Hey all. I was just wondering if the amp I just purchased will work for my sub and 4 speakers. My speakers are 300 wat peak kicker speakers. The amp is a 5 channel amp with 1800 wat max power. The max power is 2 ohms with 300w x4 plus 600w x1 which i assume applies to me for the 4 speakers and sub.

My sub is a dvcs with 500 watt rms and a 1500 watt peak. My question is will this amp work for sub and stereo combo? Im new to this and don't need it to be amazing just better than my stock.
Thanks for any help with this. Smiley Happy
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Re: Amp and sub combo. Help a newbie out please :)

so you shot us RMS which is awesome, can you shoot us the RMS values of your 5 channel amplifier?  Giving max power will not provide us enough information to accurately let you know.  Can you shoot me model numbers of your product/s:


kicker speakers RMS? or model number

5 channel amplifier RMS on the 4 channel side and mono block side? or model number. 


models will help out the most.  let me know!

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