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insignia problem with subscription

Hey guys i have a insignia ns-cnv43 and i just redid the subscription and it charged me but it didnt work. When i look at the status of the gps here is what it says:


GPS status: OK

Wireless modem: disconnected

SIM CardSmiley Surprised

Connected services: Not Available 


now it charged me for the subscription but i was wondering why does it say my wireless modem is disconnected, is there a way to connected it? im confused. Any help would be really appriciated thanks.

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Re: insignia problem with subscription

Hello Molczak714,


I would suggest turning the GPS off then back on while standing outside. This will typically resolve issues regarding signal, if it is still not working properly I would take the GPS to your local Geek Squad as it might be in need of service. For billing issues you can contact 1-866-394-3433.