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insignia little buddy problems


As of about 1 pm yesterday, neither of my two little buddy devices can be located.  I was able to locate until that time, and now I don't even get the email that they can't be located.  (and I KNOW where they are - with me!!).


Can anyone help?


Also, I can no longer get the birds eye view of things.......





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Little buddy

I have two Insignia little buddy devices. Both devices are saying unable to locate. This problem has been going on for 2 day now. I've turned both devices off then back on......still saying unable to locate.
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Re: Little buddy

Hello All,


I would suggest powering the Little Buddy devices off, then turning them back on. After power cycling the units, wait two minutes then try to locate the devices. If you are still having issues after this, please contact our support line so that a service ticket can be created.