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firmware ns-cvn43

Why is this so complicated ...


do I have the latest firmware ?  is this also called the software ?


the web side shows firmware update bby ce


this expands to WLNANavi480_272.   This folder also contains another zip file by same name and when unzipped makes a new folder with WLNANavi480_272 name and a bunch more files in than the original file


Now,  looking at the sd chip,  I see a folder called wlanavi480-272.  This is slightly different than above.


the instructions say replace the wlanavi480_272 folder,  but there isn't one,  just the wlan folder with the similar number of items as the original wlnan folder.


the software version on screen says 2.5 build 52043.13490.60.  The map version is NTGDF 2009.2 2.0


So where do I stand with all this ?


thanks  bill

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Re: firmware ns-cvn43

Hello bill,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

In this case, once you download the file, you will need to unzip it and copy it's contents to the CNAV folder (you will notice certain files are repeated and you will be asked to overwrite them. Then replace the existing folder with the new downloaded one.


Remember to, before starting with the update, create a backup of the existing information in case an error occur while doing it, so you can roll back to the previous version if needed.

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Thank you,
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