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Swap SD card from old GPS to new GPS

I had the 1st generation Internet Connected GPS from Insignia and it worked great up until 2 weeks ago.  The screen died and won't come on.    It will eventually come back on only to work a little while longer and go out again.



I went online and bought the next best thing, which is a refurbished CNV43.  Now I have the same issue as everyone here.. VERY old maps.   Since the maps on my old GPS were accurate, can i just swap SD cards?


Also, I just renewed my internet subscription with Insignia in March for one year.  I should be able to transfer that to my new GPS right?

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Re: Swap SD card from old GPS to new GPS

Hello Polaraman,


Sorry for the delay in my response. You should be able to swap the cards if you would like, and for questions regarding billing issues please contact the billing line at 1-866-394-3433.