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Re: CNV20 update?

I need info on updating my CNV20 firmware AND maps.  I see the thread for the map updates has been locked (?).  Like most (ALL) the reports on that thread, I too had been turned away from Best Buy (Prattville and Montgomery, Alabama; Both stores) both saying, "They don't do that!"   My wife and I absolutely LOVE our CNV20 'cept the fact we can't find or obtain any updates.  We've built a new home a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, the maps installed doesn't even show our neighborhood.  We have to make "home" a grocer down the highway.  Smiley Surprised\   We received the GPS as a gift from sister-in-law.  Any way we can find out where in the world NAVTEQ is and if we can ever get updates.  Info:  We have had "Mildred" for a couple of years now tracking this down.  I know, some would say, "Use your SMART phone."  I'd rather use a phone for a phone (and here in central Alabama using a cell while driving is ticketable), and a GPS as a GPS.  Many thanks.

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Re: CNV20 update?

I have an Inisignia GPS myself.  I gave up waiting for new map updates.  I don't think they're coming.  What you need to do is check out  They'll show you how to load a completely different GPS software onto your unit.  I personally used MioPocket, but I think it's getting harder to track down.  Perhaps there are alternatives.  I don't know, because I don't mind using my phone (CoPilot for Android loads all the base maps to the phone).  After you have installed a different operating system to your GPS, you will be able to load the latest and greatest Navteq maps built for winCE-enabled devices.