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Internet connected services

I just bought a refurbished NS-CNV43 GPS from Best Buy Outlet on EBay. It seems to work well with the exception of the Internet Services. From my PC, I connected to Best Buy and purchased a 30 day subscription to the Internet Services. After purchasing the Service my GPS Status screen changed wireless modem to "Connected" and the Connected Services to "Available". My problem now is all of the connected services I try to use return with the message "Service is unavailable".

The questions I have now are

: Are the Services discontinued (like this model GPS) or is this model GPS no longer able to receive them?

  If they are discontinued, Why would BB continue to sell them and activate the GPS to receive them?

  Last question is:

  I have Software version 2.5 build 52043.13490.60 and map version 2009.2 2.0 PRI USA VIR. Is this the latest available? I see there is a file available BBY2_CE_20091007. It appears it might have newer data. Is this correct? Is it worth updating? Can you use newer Navteq maps and data from different GPS?



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Re: Internet connected services

Hello Cajunsaint,


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