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Waiting on a refund

I'm really not sure who to contact at this point.

I ordered a Dell laptop and various additions at the 86th st UES store on the morning of August 31st for same-day delivery. I paid, in full, for the order at the time of placing this order. $855.72. Around 6PM that same day, I called to see when my same-day delivery would arrive. I was told that it would not arrive for a few days. Annoying, but things happen. As I needed the laptop sooner than that, I asked to switch it to in-store pick-up from your store (which is where the delivery was coming from.) and the person on the phone told me she was able to do this.

About 30 minutes later, however, I received a text message that my order had been cancelled entirely. Pretty confused at this point. I went to the 86th st store to ask about this and was told that the order had been cancelled and I would receive a refund. With that knowledge, I decided just to purchase a different laptop-- a Lenovo-- in-store and take that home. I brought back the Microsoft Office card that I purchased for the Dell and was refunded for that on the spot. -$43.54.

I have still not received a refund for the Dell laptop or the Geek Squad subscription and it still shows up as one of "My Products" on the Best Buy website. Additionally, the cancelled Geek Squad service that I purchased with the Dell continues to send me e-mails asking me how things are going despite my belief that the service has been cancelled and a refund is pending.

I have now spoken to 3 Best Buy representatives by phone and 2 by online chat. All have told me conflicting information about whether the refund has been submitted, whether the refund has been accepted, and what I need to do. I have a receipt that says I was refunded "$0.00" and that an "exchange" has been processed, but one of the customer service representatives was insistent that this is only temporary and that my money is coming on the next billing cycle of my bank. One person told me to call my bank and ask about the refund. My bank told me that they have not received any word from Best Buy and to call you back and ask for clarification. One person told me that they were unable to provide any sort of receipt saying I would recieve a refund for the full amount. The most recent interaction with a Best Buy representative via phone told me to go to the NoHo Best Buy and speak with the Store Manager in person.

I have receipt numbers. I have order numbers. I have customer service chatlog numbers. I have a paper trail for everything I am saying, and you all should too.

Can anybody help me with this request? Do I really need to go to the NoHo Best Buy and speak to a manager in person? I'm sorry if I sound exhausted, but I am not exactly wealthy and waiting on $800 for over 2 weeks now is a huge blow for me.

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Re: Waiting on a refund

Update: I went into the NoHo Best Buy and was helped by the customer service desk + customer service manager. They had been holding the Dell laptop for me for this whole time and it had not been communicated to them that the order was cancelled. They were holding the charge on my card. After some confusion on both ends, they were able to refund me on the spot and were both very helpful.


I have no idea why it was communicated to me that I needed to contact my bank, nor am I sure what to believe in regards to whether the order cancellation had been communicated properly, but there is a definite communication breakdown here. My only feedback is to make sure that the folks managing the phones and the online chat know what they're saying, because it took 6 conversations to understand the problem. Kudos to the folks at NoHo Best Buy.

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Re: Waiting on a refund

Hello, waitingonmoney,


Welcome to the forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to join us, and write us regarding your order. I also want to thank you for taking the time to update your post, and letting us know that your New York, NY Best Buy location took care of the situation for you. This is definitely great news! I truly appreciate you! Now, don’t be a stranger! You’re welcome to roam around the forums to share your knowledge. Thanks again for posting!


Have a great day!

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