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Refund awaiting authorization

Hi, I preordered Animal Crossing but decided to cancel for a better deal on the website. Best buy told me that the refund wouldn't take very long but I was wondering if there's any confirmation that can tell me when my refund is supposed to be released to me and if it can be released as soon as possible.
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Re: Refund awaiting authorization

If you cancel the order before it is fulfilled (either shipped or picked up at the store), your card should only have been authorized for the purchase and not actually charged. That said, some banks show authorizations as actual charges even if they're not. The time it takes for an authorization to fall off your account depends on your bank, but usually isn't more than a few business days, if not sooner. The article below spells out the time frames in more detail.


Why Was My Order Cancelled?

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Re: Refund awaiting authorization

You need to check your BB account to see that Refund status otherwise if they haven't done so you need to contact them get them to find that problem.

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Re: Refund awaiting authorization

Welcome to our community, peridarren.


You ask a terrific question and Sam15 is spot on with the answer. does not charge you for your order until it has shipped, so what you're seeing on your account is most likely an authorization. 


If you wish to have the authorization removed for any reason before it would naturally be released, you will need to contact your bank for assistance.


I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us with your query.

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