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Re: Failed Authorization?

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Dear Mr. Joly,


Sorry for disturbing you at your busy time. Bestbuy is one of the most successful merchandizers in US and my family has been shopping in bestbuy for many times. But I have to say recently I experienced a very unhappy on-line shopping in bestbuy.


On October 16, I ordered a new Kindle Oasis at (rather than ordering from, paid through my credit card. It is a pre-order and I know the delivery will be end of October.


On October 22, I received a message from my bank which showed my credit card was charged again for the same item, same amount. Then I called Bestbuy hotline and also went to the store in Issaquah, the explanation from customer service was that it might be due to pre-order. A few days later, a staff from bestbuy called and let me repeat the story and promised to solve the problem.


On October 28, another message from my bank which showed bestbuy charged me again FOR THE SAME ITEM, SAME AMOUNT! That means, for one single item, I was charged 3 times. I went to Issaquah bestbuy, a girl help me ring up the customer service, the clerk told me bestbuy might make mistakes but now they had cancelled the additional payments and ask me to call my bank to cancel. Ok, then I called my bank and they said, they found 3 payments, same dealer, same amount, but they could not do anything unless bestbuy cancels the unexpected payment.


This looks like a dead loop, and I feel totally helpless. I am sure this should not be a good example for bestbuy, the largest electronics dealer in US.


Following is the order details:

Order no.: {removed per forum guidelines}

Order date: October 16, 2017

My bestbuy account: {removed per forum guidelines}

My contact: {removed per forum guidelines}

My visa card provider: Bank of China


By the way, I am a visitor from China but my family is living in Issaquah.


Sorry again for troubling you.


Daniel {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Failed Authorization?

Hello Daniel,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. Being charged twice for the same item is always a frustrating experience, and I apologize that you’re having so much trouble with your Kindle Oasis order.


It looks like the order number that you provided is not under your name, and under our Privacy Policy I would only be able to share order details with the person whose name is on it. What I can do, however, is go over some general details about this kind of order, and let you know what I think may be going on.


Best Buy doesn’t actually charge for preorders until the item ships out or is ready to be picked up. Instead what we do is send an authorization request, which will verify the funds are available to make this purchase. This authorization should automatically fall off after a few days (usually between six and nine) and sometime a new authorization is then sent out closer to the item shipping. On rare occasions a third authorization may be sent out as well.


Sometimes with international credit cards such as yours it can take a bit longer for the authorization to go away than with domestic cards. This can, in rare situations, cause a double authorization to show on an account.  The good news is that the authorization will still go away after a few days and that no money has actually been taken out of your account.


It looks like the Kindle Oasis is releasing tomorrow, so I would expect your order to ship out this week. Once the order actually ships your card will be charged, and the authorizations should fall off within a few days. If the authorization has not been removed your card after about ten days from when it was first sent out I suggest working with your bank to get it removed, as they will be best positioned to help you out with this.


If you have any additional questions, please let me know. If the person who placed the order would like to us to look in to the order directly to let you know the current status please have them register an account here with us and send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post. I’ll be happy to check into the specifics for them. If not, I hope that you enjoy your new Kindle!



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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