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Payment, Refunds.

Hi, I have a few questions regarding the pre-order I made last week.

Firstly, I made a pre-order via PayPal debit, which was charged immediately. It was in a pending state for a few days from my understanding, and currently says "complete" on PayPal. Was this the same as paying all upfront, the one and final payment I have to make?

Also during the same day, I was credited a refund for the price difference of the same item, again through PayPal, but I've yet to receive it. This was all on 9/24/19. I've received a refund through PayPal with best buy before and I received it immediately. With this item, there's no sign of a refund.
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Re: Payment, Refunds.

Hey, Jake_brake,


Thanks for creating a profile here on the Best Buy forums. Welcome to this great, public community!


Typically, when you pre-order a game Best Buy will take an initial authorization at the time or purchase/order.  Unlike the normal authorization period, Best Buy releases the initial authorization after a few days.  This is due to the pre-order experience a lot of times being so far in advance of when the product is released and fulfilled and not wanting to re-authorize the customer’s account so frequently.  Instead, Best Buy will then re-authorize that amount again 5 days prior to the release date. Once the release date occurs and the product is shipped/fulfilled, we will then charge for the amount.


Regarding refunds, they typically occur within about a week, but it can vary depending on your financial institution. I’d be happy to look into this transaction for you and see what answers I may be able to provide. To do so, please send me a private message by clicking on the blue button in my signature below. Please include your full name, email, phone number, and order number.



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