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Order Refund Not Issued

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Hi BestBuy Team


I have been through tremedous frustration for the refund on an order which was never delivered to my place.

{removed per forum guidelines} was placed on Jul 11, 2017 and was supposed to be delivered same day but the third party delivery service bby used, attempted delivery on wrong address and hence failed to deliver.


The item was supposed to return to bby store and i was about to get refund. Now post this , i have been gone through more than a dozen followups on mail, call and through all possible means resulting in nothing.


Based on information shared, it seems initially issues was bby not getting order item back, then refund department messed up payment, as some irresponsible person close refund before issuing it back and later it is just back and forth of not issuing it well.


After 2 months of followup, the cust rep were finally able to generate refund in form of cheque [ not original payment method credit card] and initiated that. 

Till this point, i did not get any additional offer or gift card for my utter waste of time for 2 months and no apologoies


Post this point, the cheque issued - {removed per forum guidelines} was sent to some old crap address on my profile which is neither my shipping address nor billing address from years on and it was told to me 3 weeks later after i called twice

during this , i was assured and cross verified the my current address that it is being sent to correct address


After me following twice again, the error was recognized and a new cheque was issued to my Aurora , IL address and for such a delayed case, I was told expedited delivery will be done .. and even if not, it would not take more than 5-10 business days to get the cheque and they said bestbuy will additionally generate gift card as sort of apology and it will be delivered via mail as well.


2.5 week later, present day -- I have not the refund yet, no gc .. false promises and when i asked to escalate to matter, the rep has been telling this is what all they can do.

I tried to reach back bestbuy store that initiated pickup item, they dont want to deal or talk because the order was generated by


I am jumping back and forth between agents repeating store twice thrice, holding calls for hours of time.

If you can, please do assist in fixing this. or tell me way to get it done asap.





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Re: Order Refund Not Issued

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if it helps, this is case ID {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Order Refund Not Issued

Hello anujmishra,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I’m very discouraged to hear that you’ve been having such difficulties getting a refund for your same day delivery order. I’d be happy to see how I can assist you further.


While reviewing your mail check request it appears the agent who assisted you with creating the new one with the correct address didn’t follow the correct steps. I’d be happy to ensure that correct steps are followed moving forward. I’ve sent you a private message to confirm a few details. You can check your private messages by ensuring you’re logged into your forum account, and selecting the orange envelop in the top right-hand corner.



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