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Moderators post solutions on each post instead of please PM

Why is every post I look at (trying to find info and help) answered in the same way, read the help this page guidelines here page, blah blah blah. Isn't the purpose of a forum to inform the users and to have one person post a question or problem that is frequent for users and the moderators answer ON THE POST so everyone can see the answer or solution. This forum is basically a pre private message bored, where the question or problem gets asked, but the answer is secretly replied.
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Re: Moderators post solutions on each post instead of please PM

If you look a little further, you’ll see that the standard topics involving policy questions are all answered publicly. If someone is requesting a deeper look because they feel there are extenuating circumstances in their situation, you’ll see those are taken into private messages. Exchange of private personal information is one of the steps in those cases which includes name, rewards accounts, order numbers etc. For obvious reasons those are not shared publicly.

What are you seeking assistance with? Perhaps the board regulars can answer it for you. If not, the moderators will be able to when they reach your post.
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Re: Moderators post solutions on each post instead of please PM

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Hello, JStone13.

Thank you for your post, and you’re absolutely right.

When a general question or issue is posted by a customer within the community forum, moderators do strive to consider the customer’s scenario and provide a response that will be beneficial to the forums community as a whole. Along with moderator responses, you may also see that some solutions come from fellow forum users. For example, how jdogg836 offered a response to your post. Although the moderators take the lead in replying to posts, we do welcome posts from users that have found certain solutions personally helpful, and willing to share with the community.

If the customer’s situation is more personal, often requiring a more in-depth review of their account information such as a refund, the status of an order, or perhaps updates to their My Best Buy profile, we will request that personal information be supplied to us in a private message to protect customer privacy. Any further communication to help resolve the customer’s issue would most likely continue within the realm of the private message.

We hope that you will continue to participate in the community forums, and would encourage you to lend your voice on opportunities for us to grow, and provide an ongoing space where information is beneficial to the entire community.



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