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How is it with Pre-order swapping from Shipping and Pick-Up in store only?

Good evening


Need assisntance, have tried to pre-order the X-Men: Dark Phoenix exclusive Steelbook in order to ship to an address and every time I see randomly the option of shipping to pick up in store only.


I know many didn’t like the film and was given bad reviews which could a factor this film isn’t given enough attention, but I liked it, my 5th favorite X-Men film and want it to include that steelbook to my collection, is there any way I can make a pre-order option to ship to a home address, or can you have more shipping stock available.


This would be handled as an International order and to be shipped to a relative of mine living in the States, I want it to arrive to his/hers address since I don’t want to bother anyone to pick it up, since it would be rude to me to ask since I’m being helped with shipping BestBuy products at their address.


Is there certain limitations on the stock to be shipped for Dark Phoenix Steelbook cause of the FOX-DISNEY merger in regards this film, I have tried for almost a month to manage a pre-order to be shipped but the shipping option has never been updated? After a month saw today the option of shipping but when I tried to check out again couldn't because shipping wasn’t available anymore.


Can you advise me at how can I manage a pre-order for Dark Phoenix Steelbook, I mean there are hundreds of old released steelbooks available to ship, and this one is still less than a month to release and no shipping available.


Or is that the only option I have to pick up in store only?


Thank you for your time, waiting for your reply.

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Re: How is it with Pre-order swapping from Shipping and Pick-Up in store only?

Hey, balgrok09,


Thanks for reaching out to our team here on the Best Buy Forums!


I haven’t had a chance to see it, but reviews don’t always do movies justice, so I can definitely understand you looking to add this Steelbook to your collection.


From what I can see, this particular item is only available for Store Pickup site-wide. At this time, there is not an option for this Steelbook to be shipped to your home, but we would recommend keeping an eye on the product page for any updates!


If you are looking to place the order, and have a family member pick it up from their local store, please be sure to add that family member to the order as the ‘Pickup Person’. To have your order picked up by someone else, you must select that option during checkout. You'll need to provide the pickup person's name, email address and phone number. Your pickup person will need to show his/her ID and the order number at the store.


Only you — or the person you've told us will pick up your order — can pick up your items.


Please click here to find out more info on Store Pickup with Best Buy. 



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