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Delayed shipment; need to cancel order immediately

I ordered a Razer Blade Stealth 2019 laptop originally on August 28th online on for delivery, and received it on August 31st. While checking it out, I found that the usb c port was loose and thus faulty (a common issue with this particular laptop). I returned the laptop to my local best buy store on Sep. 4th, wanting an exchange. The store representative accepted the return, and placed an order for a replacement that was to be shipped to my home address. In this process, my credit card was charged the full amount, since the original (returned) order had shipped and I had received it.


Fast forward to today, the laptop was supposed to be delivered but my account says that the shipment was delayed, and that if best buy cannot ship it by October 10th, they will cancel the order. Remind you that October 10th is a full 1 month away, in the meanwhile my credit card has already been charged for a laptop that I ultimately do not have. 


I wish to cancel the order immediately, since I knew the laptop was going to be delayed since it showed no sign of being shipped this past week, and thus I bought the same laptop from amazon (which arrived the next day). My online account does not allow me to cancel the order though, even if the order has not shipped and has been delayed due to the fault of best buy. Again, my credit card has a charge posted for the laptop that I will have to pay soon since my credit card statement is closing in a couple of days.


Please assist in this matter. I do not want to pay for a laptop that I do not have, even if I will be credited the amount later on when I ultimately return it.