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Can’t cancel order

So I order a computer late at night because I didn’t want to miss a sale. I immediately have buyers remorse and try to cancel probably 10 minutes later. It won’t let me. It’s in Preparing status and won’t arrive for 2 days. I’m spoiled by Amazon in which I can cancel anytime before it ships. You can’t do this here.

I call Best Buy Support and he can’t cancel the order either. He says the carrier is notified to pick it up and will arrive at their warehouse to deliver it to me. I can only return it after it is delivered to me then I drive it to my local Best Buy to return it.

I’m ok with this, it’s my bad for buying it, but what a hassle. The item has not shipped, you know I don’t want the item, yet you will have someone pick it up to deliver it to me, and deliver it to me anyways knowing I don’t want it.

Sorry Best Buy, that’s a huge fail on online sales. Never have anything delivered to your house.

Anyways, if someone can cancel my order that would be great. I’m one step closer to cancelling my useless Best Buy credit card.
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Re: Can’t cancel order



Changing your mind after you've made a purchase is something that I think we can all say we've experience. Admittedly, I have buyers remorse weeks after I buy something. That being said, there are times where purchases cannot be canceled once they have entered a fulfillment status. Nonetheless, since you originally reached out, were you able to have this purchase canceled?

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