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Registered: ‎04-08-2020 DVD Purchase Return (I ordered Bluray but was sent DVD)

I purchased online a Blu-ray DVD but was sent the DVD version instead.  Since I was making another purchase the following week I purchased the same Blu-ray DVD but was again sent the DVD.


Now I need to return both DVD's by mail since all stores are closed due to COVID19.


The problem is, is Best Buy going to charge me a fee even if I use their prepaid label?  I haven't even opened up either DVD, plus I would like to ship them both together, not separately.  I shouldn't be charged a fee when it's their mistake.  Not only that, what's weird is that my purchase order(s) show I purchased the DVD but I haven't bought a regular DVD in over four years, I always buy Blu-ray.


And get this - the Blu-ray and DVD version of this movie are now about $10 cheaper each.


I hope someone from BestBuy can answer this question for me.  Many thanks.

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Re: DVD Purchase Return (I ordered Bluray but was sent DVD)

Can someone from BESTBUY answer my question!

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Re: Can someone from BESTBUY PLEASE answer my question about returning items by MAIL

You should be able to print a prepaid return label from within your order history.  Technically, media (DVDs, CDs, video games) can only be exchanged for an identical item once opened, but there should be an option for "Wrong Item Shipped" on the return form that you can check to avoid being charged a return shipping fee.


What Are My Return Options?

Printing a Best Buy Prepaid Return Label

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