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Registered: ‎09-02-2019 call Center WORST SERVICE EVER.

I have never had such a poor call center experince as i have since this past Sat. 

1st agt said there is NO comp, I had to Pay for their shipping error, refused to transfer me to a super.

2nd person ( 30 min hold for a 2nd time) siad he coud help but dissconnected the call. 

3rd person 30 min hold AGAIN 3rd time, i explain problem again, told she can transfer me to a super and a super can comp and make issue right.. 4th 30 min SILENT HOLD ( no check in) then told a super will call me back.. 


That was Sat at 630p CST.. its now Monday noon NO CALL BACK, no real suprise at this time.. I call again. yet anoter 30 min hold.. ** a trend apparently** I am NOT telling my story I WANT A SUPER.. guess what yet ANOTHER 30 min HOLD.. *** I have waisted SSOOOO MMUUCCCHHH time on a product shipped wrong that I CANT USE> THAT I HAVE BEEN BLAIMED FOR... Smiley Sad Finaly get s super in PANAMA - told i cant get my item untill end of week ** idk how since i got it in 2 day last week ** and my COMP is MY RETURN AND NEW ITEM SHIPPING FEE WAIVED.. 



Are you FLIPPN KIDDING ME????  How is that comp. You shipped the WONG product to me.. I have spent HOURS of my time trying to get it fixed and my comp you BB waiveing a fee to return the wrongly shipped product.    I have NEVER had such a terrible experince with a retailer EVER. 


Now i have to get up at 6 am to DRIVE 3 HRS to nearest BB to return prodcut so i can get the correct stuff drive 3 HOURS back and hope i get back to go to work on time..   


So a BB ERORR is has cost me over 10 hours of time and now about to be a full tank of gas, AND I now have to hire someone  $200 to install the probucut when that would not have been the issue had BB just sent what i ordered. 


Needless to say I am going to CLOSE My 15 yr credit card  relationship with BB.  Lets be honest no one will read this who has any empowerment to make this right at this point. BB see's me as just another person and could careless about customer service when deaing with their serivce.  Sad when all the INSTORE reps are steller and i have bragged on the service i have received from them.  


As the saying goes 1 bad apple can spoil the bunch. Well your ppl did that for me this weekend.  



Forever a LOST customer.. I will go to Frys, Walmart or Amazon here on out. 

Smiley Sad