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Authorization hold nightmare

I'm facing problems with two "pending" charges in my international credit card due to two failed trials of purchase at Bestbuy online. There has been a series of stressing back-and-forth calls between myself, the bank and Bestbuy constumer service, and just do not know what to do anymore.
On Jan 4th, I tried twice to purchase an item at BestBuy. My creditcard was not accepted because the online store only accepts US postal codes. There was a mismatch between the postal code and my registered address, therefore my international credit card did not accepted the order and the order was cancelled by Bestbuy.
The order was cancelled, but the amounts were charged in my credit card as an "authorization hold" - according to the policy that the company clarifies in this website: link (see "Credit Card Authorization") and that apparently many people commented here in this forum.
Firstly I got in touch with my bank and sent them the order cancellations (both the email cancellation and the website cancellation). The bank responded that they couldn't cancel the "pending charge" in my credit card because the cancellation emails clearly stated that the amount would be refunded by Bestbuy.
Then I got in touch Bestbuy (3 times actually), and they gave some sort of authorization codes (6 digits) that I would have to transmit to the bank so they could release the authorization hold.
The bank has no idea what are these codes are and said that they just need a written confirmation by email that the order is cancelled and that Bestbuy WILL NOT charge the card again. Simply as that.
Apparently not that simple, as the 4th (or was it 5th) contact person from Bestbuy that I reached said that they couldn't provide any written proof besides what is already provided in the first email from Jan 4th that mentions that the order was cancelled.
I just need one simple email, and I just don't know what to do anymore. 
It has been 11 days already (8 business days) and apparently the authorization hold will only expire on Feb 3rd (30 days after cancellation!!!!). I need the funds on my account soon.
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Re: Authorization hold nightmare

Good afternoon, Isabele,


Welcome to our forums, albeit under such unfortunate circumstances.  Whenever shopping online, we’re hopeful our customers will have a simple and straightforward experience throughout the entire process, and it’s disappointing to hear your experience hasn’t gone as smoothly as we would like. 


As it sounds like you’re aware, the time it takes your authorization hold to be removed from your credit card after your order is cancelled can vary, depending on the bank or credit card company.  It’s not uncommon for international credit cards to have longer authorization holds, especially for orders that might be fulfilled from the U.S. 


While we’ll be unable to email your bank through our Support Forums, if you’ve still not received the assistance you’re looking for, I recommend continuing to work with your bank to resolve this matter, and confirm your orders have been cancelled.  Most banks should have a process in place to confirm we’ll not be collecting funds for your cancelled orders, and this often includes a three-way call between yourself, your bank, and our phone support team.



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