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The Retail Equation lost you another Customer - Be Aware of Return Policy with Best Buy

The Retail Equation has cost you another customer.  I have been purchasing and returning items from Best Buy for almost 20 years without a problem until...yesterday


I go to Best Buy just to see what cool new things they have try get smart home stuff, electronics. Now I have 3 teenage at home and getting the right stuff they like is challenging and recently i have bought 3 different pair of headphones (Bose) and of course they did not like them. The Package were un-opened, I was able to retun 2 however since they are not even open it is not a return it is an exchange, now I have been flagged by the Retail Equation, I am filling a dispute and needs to know who to send copy of my dispute at Best Buy corporate. Becasue this is a wrong policy and I did not do anything wrong and I am entitled to my money back since the item are un-opened.


I made two returns and was met with a receipt that stated I would no longer be allowed to make returns to Best Buy.  After arguing with the store manager, I contacted TRE.  I got my Return Activity Report that, while showed activity, it is incorrect. 


No one should have to deal with a company like this only to enforce that they stand by their own return policy.  If you are not going to honor the return policy, just take it down and be honest with people....


I will not be shopping at your stores or online as there are many other retailers that will gladly take my money and honor their returne policies, thank you AMAZON !


I hope someone who can actually do something reads these forums as you will be losing more customers than just me.


You need to make the difference between of return of a used open item and a return which is totally unused and un-opened soor I bought it. and by the way now I have been warned so I know, it is also not fair to give you a warning that takes effect right away and apply retroactively to puchases you have made prior.


Please help and have some common sense instead of suing a software driven decision making !!! reconsider how you take return and put comments, is it an exchange ? is it used ? damanged ? or un-opened....apparently eveyrthing is treated the same.


Please help me I need to retun Bose QC20i headphones that are un-opened, sealed !




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Re: The Retail Equation lost you another Customer - Be Aware of Return Policy with Best Buy

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Hello Befunny,

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Best Buy forum.  With the busy holiday season and all of the extra posts coming in we haven’t been able to answer questions as quickly as we would like.  I’m sorry for any inconvenience the delay may have caused. I understand being upset if you received a warning or denial for return from The Retail Equation (TRE).  I hope I’m able to provide some clarity on the process for you. 

TRE assists many companies including Best Buy to track returns and exchanges in an effort to prevent losses and keep prices low for customers. If you receive a warning from TRE about returns you should have a “blackout” period where you wouldn’t be able to make a return for 90 days.  After 90 days the blackout period is typically lifted.  If you received a denial, that would mean you would no longer be able to return items.  It sounds like you’ve taken the correct steps so far in speaking to TRE about your denial/warning as they would be the best place to address those concerns.  

In terms of your return activity report (RAR), filing a dispute with TRE if you believe that it is erroneous would be the best step for you to take.  TRE should explain their process to you when you contact them. For more information about TRE, please see the article here. I appreciate you providing feedback about this process and your feelings about TRE. 

Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: The Retail Equation lost you another Customer - Be Aware of Return Policy with Best Buy

Forgive me for saying so, but that was a useless reply! It doesn't in anyway resolve the issue! I just purchased 2 laptops, several games, and a PS4. Knowing this is your return policy means I will NOT be making anymore purchases. Cut up the BESTBUY card!
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Re: The Retail Equation lost you another Customer - Be Aware of Return Policy with Best Buy

So to sum up the reply. “I will do nothing to help. Take it up with someone else.” Horrible customer service.
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Re: The Retail Equation lost you another Customer - Be Aware of Return Policy with Best Buy

Yes BEST BUY is following the track of Circuit City and COMPUSA faster thant theyr realized. NO more.


After my Warning which was not a Warning it was my last retun but did not state it clearly !!. It should have said this is your last return, the problem is the headphones I returned were not open, still sealed, so it is not a RETURN BEST BUY !!. I filed a complaint with to TRE and copy all documents and Pictures to BEST BUY corporate with proof of 2 returns items totally unopened, my kids did not like it and did not even open it. and this was BOSE headphones. Iwrote to TRE and BEST BUY by mail that was on December 20....still waiting to hear something (Iwill post when I her BZCK for sure o people will know) !! i guess they must be busy with complaints.... this is really bad bad customer service.....I am certainly not buying anything there for sure and still made appeal to retun an unsealed item because to be honest the staff in the STORe they KNOW NOTHING so they CANNOT give you advice on what you need for your teanage kids wants, what kind of Headphones they love, would like....FORGT IT BEST buy. Also be honest and change your return policy so everyone knows you do not honored one after 2-3 returns !!!


And it will be nice that when you retun something you have a note like Unopend/ Sealed or damaged or not working or no receipt or wahterver so it is not s stupid algorith at TRE that decided who can return items or not.


BEST BUSY you really SUCKS !!!! and it is easy for you to SAY that this is TRE and you have to deal with them !!!!