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Texarkana manager humiliated me will never shop there again

The fact that I am having to text this in an open forum instead of speaking with a customer service representative privately and on my phone instead of the MacBook that should be at my house right now just makes this whole situation that much worse....
My MacBook Pro quit on me yesterday morning. I am a graphic designer that owns/operates my own business and I had several projects that needed to be completed by last night. I do all of my tech/electronic purchasing at Best Buy and had this purchase gone through, as it should have, myself and family members, I personally brought into the store, would have spent roughly 7k this month.
I arrived with my old Mac just before 5 (peak) and the store wasn’t very busy. I went to the geek squad counter to have my Mac looked at before purchasing the new one to see if the art files could be retrieved that were created after my last backup two weeks ago. The gentleman that helped me went above and beyond figuring out how to get my items off my oldest Mac, helping me a new one that I could purchase in the store that day because timing was an issue, gathering the needed adapters and such, finding a Bluetooth mouse to accommodate the new non traditional USB design etc.. Everything ran so smooth and the customer service was exceptional. I was actually going to find a way to leave this employee a glowing review somehow. I think at some point at the beginning of the checkout process I even commented to him that he had saved my life. Then it started. I swiped my charge card confidently knowing full well I had atleast three times the amount needed to make this purchase ... DECLINED ... okay, being a large purchase maybe it’s over some sort of limit. I have my husband call the card company and they say it should be fine. There may have been a limit but they have lifted it and it will go through now. I try again ... DECLINED... my husband calls the card company again and gives the exact amount we are trying to purchase and location and they assure him there will be no problem and to try waiting five minutes and do it again. At this point the gentleman who is helping me steps away and does other tasks while I am waiting which I assured him was fine and thanked him for his patience. We are doing this transaction. At a register at the geek squad counter and there is no line. I am standing off to the side. After waiting a bit I try again ... DECLINED ... I contact my husband again and he calls ... again ... and he is assured that there should be no problem. The man helping me then suggests another form of payment ... not wanting my checking to take a 2500 hit with my husband working out of state I decide to put 840 on one card and the remaining through my checking. I run this different card for 840 ... DECLINED!!! ... at this point if it were under any other circumstances I would have thrown my hands up in the air and decided it wasn’t meant to be. But I had deadlines riding on this, three forms of payment that should have more than supported this transaction, and no other store that carries this product. It didn’t make any sense. Especially since Wells Fargo is saying that there shouldn’t be a problem there is no hold THREE TIMES NOW. As a side note during this last transaction the man says that their system is running really slow.
At this point he decides that it may be a good idea to switch registers because this one may be blocking this transaction now for trying to complete it too many times. We actually did this twice. Still being exceedingly patient and trying to help me out. I’m telling you, above and beyond doesn’t even cover it. We are at a register that was empty at the front now. He scans the ticket... I run the card ... DENIED ... my husband is actively on the phone with Wells Fargo and texting me and I let him know it’s still not working. He tells me wait five minutes again and try again. The man now gets his manager and explains to me that he hopes she can help me and I thank him for everything he did. Now the store is busy. I’ve been there for well over an hour. I’m at a register that wasn’t being used. I had been at the geek squad counter previously so it wasn’t like I was just some random customer that had been in line and my card had been declined. She had an attitude immediately and a smug look on her face to match. I explain what is going on and that my husband is on the phone with Wells Fargo and they say there shouldn’t be a problem. I try the card again ... DECLINED... she just looks at me like ... well sorry can’t help ya. I say my husband is working on it. She says well I’m going to have to void this ticket so I can help the people behind you in line who have been waiting. !!!... I tell her that this transaction was price matched and we have been working in this for well at an hour now and I don’t want it to be cancelled. So she says that she’s moving to this other register to check other people while I’m waiting. Okay that’s fine. My husband tells me to wait five minutes AGAIN and Wells Fargo doesn’t understand what is happening there is no problem on their end. The employee working the register next to where I am standing looks at me and says ... I hope this all works out for you ... I start to realize that this has become “a thing”. As I’m standing there waiting for the manager to come back, my phone is laying on the counter face up and I notice an alert pop up “A TRANSACTION FOR $840.00 has been made at BEST BUY” ..... EXCUSE ME?!?!
As it’s registering in my head I say to her ... I just had a transaction from Best Buy go through on the other card I tried to use so that tells me that this is not a card issue in my end it’s a Best Buy system issue. After finishing the customer she was with she comes over to me and I TRY to explain to her calmly that We tried to do a split payment when my Wells Fargo card kept coming up as declined $840 to one card and the additional to another and when we ran the card it said DECLINED. It didn’t say “okay yes and your remaining balance is .... “ if it had I would have paid it and been on my way! It said declined! Which clearly it want because it popped up 20 or 30 minutes later as having gone through!!!!! And the money had left my account! I have screen shots that say $840 Best Buy 12/20. She told me that it was not a Best Buy issue and that my cards being declined was MY PROBLEM! I tried to tell her that if that were the case this transaction wouldn’t have gone through on my end and not on theirs. It would have reflected on the ticket, which it didn’t. It just said declined and we moved on. She just stood there with this look like I was an idiot and continued to repeat herself,” ma’am I can’t control the fact that your cards are being declined.” Implying that I don’t have the funds to cover the transaction. And the look on her face and the tone in her voice. And she says ... that money wasn’t taken from your account it is pending you can go right now and use that card and it will go through... lol. That’s not the point! The point is your system is denying my payment and therefore denying my purchase of this product. Had the system run correctly it would have taken the $840 at the appropriate time and asked for the remaining balance and I could have been on my way! But it said declined and pulled it later! That is not my issue! Clearly. And to have her speak so rudely to me in front of that line of holiday shoppers and make it seem that I was the reason they were having to wait so long in line and say so and make a spectacle of me that way where they could hear it. So much so that other employees commented to me about it. I was humiliated! And I raised my voice which is out of chatacter for me and told her so. I said, “ HOW DARE YOU HUMILIATE ME AND TREAT ME THIS WAY AND LIKE I DONT HAVE MONEY ENOUGH TO COMLETE THIS TRANSACTION! HOW DARE YOU!” I will never step foot in there again.
PS... upon coming to these forums I see that I’m not the only person this has happened to.
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Re: Texarkana manager humiliated me will never shop there again

Good Afternoon Knhenley-


Wishing we could have met under better circumstances, we do appreciate all the time that you’ve spent reaching out to us, here on the Best Buy forums.  Please forgive us for the delayed response.  If any of our employees provided you anything short of the expert service we strive for, please know we’re grateful you brought this to our attention. 


Having worked in the store for quite some time, with apologies, the computer doesn't really provide any reasons, but “declined” was the verbiage that is shown on the screen.  Although I believe the employee was trying to provide you with the correct information, I could only imagine how frustrating it must have been if the employees demeanor was as you were stating.  This should never occur and I apologize if this was your experience! 


The forums are moderated by –BBY members, who work out of the corporate headquarters in Richfield, MN.  We’re grateful for the feedback you were able to provide us, and we can only hope to improve for the better by listening to our many customer’s!  Should you ever have any other comments or concerns, never hesitate to let us know!



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