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Store experience

I went to Best Buy today at 2:30 pm and was surprised that it wasn’t as busy as expected. After taking time to compare wireless headphones, I choose two to compare. The employees were running around busy so I didn’t bother them. I went to check out and asked the cashier to price check one which didn’t have a price. The other was $44.99 on sale from $99. I thought that was a great deal and I decided to go with them. When he said “that’ll be $84.xx” I explained they were on sale for $44 and he came with me to price check. He saw the price and verified with another employee and the second employee, Nathan, said “No, that’s something else.” I then asked, “can you show me where the price for these are? They’re the last ones and the only price tag for that specific brand is $44.99” and he says “yeah, I’m not sure.” In my mind, I’m thinking how unprofessional??? But I remained respectful and waited for him to get a manager. In the meantime he spent 10 minutes engaging with another customer rather than going to get a manager because he said he wasn’t wearing his headset. I was beyond annoyed at this point, but still remained respectful. He then asked, “Do you mind following me?” So, we walked around in a dead end while he looked for other employees or managers or someone to help him plead his case. Thus far he’s wasted 20 minutes with no resolve. He finally found someone, who said her name was Jenny. She didn’t even go to look at the price or where it was, she flat out said “there’s nothing I can do about it. Someone left it there.” So, I explained, it’s the only tag for the brand I chose and it was the last one left. She says “it could have come from anywhere! I will give you 10% off but I won’t honor that price.” What???! Terrible customer service! I didn’t pick it up off of the floor. I picked it out of the spot that listed the exact brand and model as stated on the package! I bought it with the 10% off because I have to go to work and don’t have time to go elsewhere but I am not happy with my experience and likely will return it. I will have to make a late trip to Walmart when I get off. I won’t return to this location on Sudley Road, the last few times I’ve been, I haven’t had a good experience. The cashiers are usually great and friendly but the ones on the floor aren’t very helpful.
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Re: Store experience

In most Best Buy’s and national retail stores, their price tags that sit either on the shelf in front of the items or on hanging peg have a description and even the sku number of the item. Just because it’s the only price tag for that brand it doesn’t mean it belongs to that item. Things get misplaced all the time and unless the specific item had a sticker physically on the item retailers won’t honor the price for it being misplaced.
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Re: Store experience

Yes, description matched. I didn’t look at the numbers. I was most annoyed at how customer service was handled, not the price. After telling me he didn’t have a microphone, he didn’t go and get a manager right away, he had me stand there while he had a long convo with a customer next to me. He had me follow him around the store in circles. He just wasn’t trained in customer service. The manager didn’t even walk over to check the tag number or even act like she cared at all. She didn’t move from her spot. She offered no help at all.
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Re: Store experience

Greetings, naynajay!


I apologize for the delay in our response, as we have seen an increase in traffic during this busy holiday season. Welcome to the forums, and I’m happy to address your concerns moving forward.


We definitely expect our employees, from top to bottom, to conduct themselves as professional as possible in every situation. This is not what we expect to happen during your visit, and I am here to help in any way I can to turn this around for you.


I would like to address this further for you, but I need some more information. Please, send me the Customer Service PIN, which is located around the middle of your receipt, your full name, phone number, and e-mail connected to your account. I look forward to hearing from you.



Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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