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Should have gone elsewhere

I went to the Best Buy in Onalaska, WI mid November to look at Washers and Dryers for my new house. I talked to the sales rep on the floor and he told me he'd come back and check to see if I wanted any help with the options and details of the units. 30 minutes later I'm looking for him only to see him talking to another sales rep behind the counter. I figure it's not important enough to them to help me so I leave and do research on my own. 


2 Days later I return to the store, this was Wednesday, November 22nd. I talked to a sales rep (Gabe) who got me set up with a Washer and Dryer for a pretty good price. I was told I was outside of the delivery range, but they could deliver for a fee, I considered this, but decided I didn't want to pay that fee because there was another store closer to my house that would deliver for free and had the exact same items for $1 more. Gabe agreed to waive the fee and he told me that someone would call me in the next week or so to schedule a delivery time, but since I wasn't in their normal delivery zone it would take a couple weeks to get me the item. I said that's fine as long as I get them before Christmas to which he agreed.


Between that day and December 10th I contacted the store a few times to see what the status was, but either no one answered, or I was told that they were processing the order with no clear explanation of that except that they were processing the order. Come december 14th I decided to go online and see if I could discover anything myself. I found that in my account the order was marked as recieved by the store, both items. I call corporate soon after and am told I have to talk to the store about this. Again, no response from the store. Since the site has a way to schedule the delivery but mine says it's not currently working I decide to wait it out because I can't seem to get help from the people involved. 


On December 20th I finally have had enough waiting and call the 888 number, they transfer me to geeksquad, and after a 30 minute call (between hold times and the reps finding the information) I am told I have to call the store. I, being fairly angry at this point, call the store and explain the situation, for the thrid time that day. The rep on the phone looks into this and 15 minutes later tells me that the store has one of the units, but not the other according to the computer. I say ok, when will the other arrive, and he goes to find out. Low and behold when he gets back on the phone I am told that they do not in fact have either of the units in their warehouse. They do, however possibly have one of them on the floor. The rep says he would like to check with his supervisor to see if they can use that one and get me these items closer to what I was promised. He comes back and says that they can probably get me both units by the 28th, that he just had to check with Gabe to make sure it was doable, as well as see if they could discount the units for my trouble. At this point I have been on the phone with this one rep for over an hour and fifteen minutes. I am almost 2 hours into this situation just this day, not to mention the time spent every other day trying to get to this place. 


The following day (Christmas eve) I get a call from the Onalaska Best Buy, I'm told that they can not get me the units, because they don't have them at all. Also I am told that they will be getting them to me by the 28th but not any sooner. I am told that I can either accept this or cancel my order. I inform this new sales person that I am just going to call corporate to see what can be done for me. He asks if he can get his supervisor to help me out. I agree, the supervisor then tells me that I won't be able to get the units until after the new year, and that nothing will be done to helpl me out. He also informs me that calling corporate will just get me to talk to someone that will tell me to call him again. I tell him I need a minute to decide if cancelling my order is worth it or not at this point.


I calm down, because I'm fairly upset that I've had to go through this insane mess for something so simple, and decide I'll call corporate to see if anything can be done. To make a long tirade shorter I get Ray on the phone and he informs me that the store won't have the units until the 2nd of January, and I won't have them until a week or so after that. Ray is great, Ray understands and sympathizes with me and he works some magic to get me a resolution. What Ray manages is to get me the one regular and one floor unit by the 27th, then when the actual unit arrives they will get me that one and replace the floor unit. I agree to accept this. 


What I can say is that I am going to share this story with everyone I know, I'm copying it and pasting it to my facebook account and spreading it everywhere. I had to wait over a month for a Washer and Dryer, because I was lied to. I would have gladly either waited or gone elsewhere, even paid more money, if I had known the truth. But I wasn't given that opportunity. I was told 4 different things by 4 different points of contact, and I was kept waiting. I wouldn't even be this far along if I hadn't taken hours of my own time to sort out the issue with each of these people. How is it that I have to do their job for them? How is it that something as simple as buying a Washer and Dryer became such a huge hastle? I am truly dissapointed with Best Buy, and I will strongly advocate that, based on the customer service I recieved alone, people do not shop here.

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Re: Should have gone elsewhere

Hello RHmills,


I apologize for the delay in our response, as we have seen an increase in traffic during this busy holiday season and we are trying to respond as quickly as possible.


I am very discouraged to learn about the lengthy delay on your brand new washer and dryer. After looking up your information, I am seeing they are now supposed to be delivered today. I am happy to see you were able to contact our Customer Care Team and they will be looking into some sort of compensation for you once your washer and dryer are delivered.


This has also been documented for you at a corporate level for internal review. I appreciate you taking the time to write us about this. Please, let me know if I can be of any further assistance.



Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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