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Refund using a debit

I don't understand, help me out here. Now If I used my debit Card using a pin number is basicvally is good as cash. Why when doing refunds we the customers are not being afford our Cash back in the store, I would understand if its a large purchase. I mean when when I purchase it toke 2 sconds to get my money, but when I try to get my money back, I have to wait days. That is wrong in too many levell, espeically If I used a debit card with a pin, not as a credit. 


 I need somene to asnwer me on this.

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Re: Refund using a debit

Hi there, zemoman12,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forum.  You ask a great question.


Our Return & Exchange Promise calls out that in most cases, we will reimburse you for returned items in the same way you paid for them.  If you paid for a purchase with your debit card, that is how you would be refunded as well.  In terms of how long it takes for your refund to process, once a return has been initiated, Best Buy releases the funds to your financial institution within minutes.  It is then up to your bank to process the refund and place the funds back into your account.  Most of the time, this doesn't take more than a few business days, but it can take up to one full billing cycle depending on your bank.  I'd recommend reaching out to them if you have any particular questions or concerns regarding the speed at which your refund is processed.


I hope this helps.  Thank you for writing.

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Re: Refund using a debit

I do see this a lot, Best Buy doesn’t have your money in seconds...That’s takes a few days to settle up. Your bank removes the money from your available balance, which is what you see when looking at available funds. The behind the scenes stuff (customer > customers bank > Best Buy’s Bank) is not instantaneous either.
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