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Product Payment History

I recently bought a laptop 2 years ago and consistently checked the balance to do my payments on time. I payed the final payment but was contacted today about failing to pay a certain amount that has been past overdue. However, I received in the mail a confirmation letter stating my account balance was at 0. Can I receive immediate help on this issue
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Re: Product Payment History

I am guessing you had something like a 24 month interest free financing.


However, if your final due date is AFTER exactly 24 months, then you would have failed to pay it off in time.


Example say you purchased the item on September 02, 2017.  Your Payment due date is the 5th of every month.  You made your final payment on September 5th 2019,  You are then 3 days over the 24 month agreement.


I got caught on this once. It has to do with the way Citi Bank operates.  But this is also true of any credit card. 


So for me I had made the final payment but then the interest was tacked on and I then missed the next payment becuase I thought I was done.  That was when I set up AutoPay for the minimum 


When it happened to me I was then charged interest from day one.  Fortunately for me it was only 6 months financing. 



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Re: Product Payment History

Hey, Ariaa77,


Choosing the financing option with my Best Buy Credit Card is my absolute favorite to splurge on items typically outside of budget. I understand you have a few concerns about your available balance, and may be questioning if another payment may be due. Thank you for joining our community to ask this question.


Can you please give our friends at Citibank a call? You’re welcome to give them a ring at (888) 574-1301. Citibank would be best positioned to chat about what may be going on with your account and provide some insight into the conflicting information you had received.




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