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Poor customer service/sales Port Arthur, Tx store

I have been a long Best Buy customer. I am a my Best Buy credit card holder. I have made servers purchases from TV’s, laptops, gaming consoles, appliances, etc. However I must say the customer service has gone down bad. Today I went with my wife to buy her a new desktop computer and monitor. My wife already knew what she wanted. The first employee to help had absolutely no clue what was going on. Poor girl was new to the location and and said she had only been there 30 mins. However it took her a while to offer to get someone who actually knew the store. My wife wanted to pick a different monitor. Of course the next employee insisted that the computer she picked wasn’t that good. There are god ways and bad ways to try to update someone. This was a bad way. Telling someone a product your store sells isn’t good is just poor salesmanship. Instead say something like this product is good but if you need some extra or if you need something with more processing power, etc. my wife knows her specs and knows what it can and can’t do. Once she started over over said specs it was clear she knew way more than this basic store employee did. Once we go to check out the clerk and the register can’t find the barcode to scan. While this was going on I grabbed a steal book case for Fallout 76. Not a popular game but one I already own and enjoy. I was also looking at some Fallout merch but passed on it. When this guy checked us out he asked me, You sure you want Fallout 76?” What kind of store is this? This guy is actually talking down on a purchase I am making. I explained well I already own the game and this is just a steal book man, not the actual game. He then continued to say how it just wasn’t the game they promised, blah blah blah. I am a customer buying a product I like. You would think he would have the sense to know this and offer similar products. In fact if he was sharp enough to put his dislike of the game to the side and say, “Hey, did you see the other Fallout stuff we have? Maybe this might interest you as well.” If he was savvy enough he would have convinced me to get the other Fallout 76 merch I was checking out. Bottom line, this isn’t the first bad sales experience I have had at this store. The employees are poorly trained on product knowledge and in some cases like this one, are bias towards certain products. I will no longer buy any gaming products from Best Buy. I will also carefully choose where I buy any future appliances as well.
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Re: Poor customer service/sales Port Arthur, Tx store

I dont work there, but if I did, they sell some products I would not recommend to my worst enemy. Stream books and cloud books with only 2gb of ram, windows tablets with only 1 or 2 GB of ram, and probably Fallout 76, unless it was down to $5.99.
The young kids they have working in many cases may not be the best sales people, but if they can at least give me honest opinions of the products they have used, rather then just sell me a bunch of junk, that's a good start.
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Re: Poor customer service/sales Port Arthur, Tx store

Well you may not work there but ya sound like a paid spoke person. Giving an honest opinion with actual knowledge is one thing. Telling someone it’s crap just because you don’t like it is something else entirely. There are was to suggest better products. However as I stated before my wife already knew the product. Better than the employees apparently. Also in my case with the game if I’m just buying a case then obviously I already own it and must like it enough to buy a steel book for it so why say anything in the first place? See it how ya want to but I was the one in this situation and I found it a bad experience.
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Re: Poor customer service/sales Port Arthur, Tx store

Hello, Steve77,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support Forum! Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your recent experience at our Port Arthur store. While I wish the reason for your post was happier, I appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback with us. 


Our employees may have their own opinions regarding the various products that we sell, but you are correct in that there are better ways that they can use this to guide a customer in their purchasing decisions. Ultimately though it is the customer's decision on what they purchase, so they certainly should not be made to feel that they made a poor choice. 


I'd like to ensure that your feedback is provided to the management at the store so that they can use this as a training opportunity with their employees. To ensure that they have the best information available, could you please send me a private message with additional details on your visit, including if you might have gotten the names of the employees that you worked with and the Customer Service Pin Number from the purchase receipt? To send me the message, simply click on the button in my signature below. 



Melissa|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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