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Once Screw Up After Another

We've bought all of our computers from Best Buy for years.


Best Buy is no longer going to have our business.


My two year old computer refused to boot up and the hard drive was close to completely full. So I bought a new computer here and paid for data transfer, Word, and upgrades in memory. I also bought a Geek Squad contract which should have started at the end of my current contract, but instead was started the day I bought the computer.


I found out, when I got home with the computer, that I had to have another cable in order to hook it to my monitor. Geek Squad told me that the salesperson should have told me that when he sold me the computer. So I went back to the store and had to pay $30 for a six inch cable to plug my monitor into. The young man who sold me the computer was the one waiting on me. When I told him that Geek Squad said he should have mentioned it at the time I bought the computer, he told me his grandfather was in the hospital. I nearly responded that my grandfather and father were both dead and that still had nothing to do with my buying a computer; but I didn't.


I DID ask to speak to a manager who told me that no one uses the older monitors, that all of the computers had this new set up. (My old computer that failed was only two years old, by the way, and monitor is the same age.)


When I got home, I discovered that they had not properly transferred my data. I couldn't locate my files at all. So I was going to take the computer back and get a refund, but my husband did find my data on the G drive. Another chat with Geek Squad elicited the information that the data transfer was improperly done, and I had to take the computer back to the store. The Geek Squad guy made me an appointment for the next day.


A very nice young man named Sydney waited on me, finally found a monitor in their troubleshooting area that took the new plug in for the monitor (their cords were still all the old kind, so the store manager was gaslighting me about that), and had the transfer completed properly in about 20 minutes. So I got the thing back home, in the pouring rain which is no doubt why I now have a horrible cold.


I got a cheaper bid on a computer from Staples, (they would have had to build it, but the tech was enthused) but my husband wanted to stay with Geek Squad.


My next computer is not going to come from Best Buy. At this point, I feel ripped off and badly treated. They are not the only ones who have remote troubleshooting.

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Re: Once Screw Up After Another

Hello SandraPalmer,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. As a former Geek Squad Agent myself, I’m very disappointed to read about the bad experience you had with your recent service. We never want to have a customer need to come back into one of our stores to get a service re-done like this.


Regarding the new protection plan you purchased, all plans like that are activated at the time of purchase, and cannot be added on to the end of an existing plan. I apologize if this wasn’t properly explained to you at the time of purchase. We would not be able to move the start date of that plan forward to the expiration of your existing plan.


Catching exactly what cable is needed to hook a monitor up to a computer can be a little tricky these days. There are a few different standards, and without actually seeing the monitor you’ll be plugging the computer into it can be hard to pick out the right cable. Again, I apologize that we slipped up on letting you know that you’d need the extra part.


I’d like to take a look into the data transfer service order for you so that I can use your feedback to help make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again in the future. In order to do this, I’d need you to send me a private message by using the link in my signature below this post with your service order number and the phone number associated with it.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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