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New Return Policy is a Major Change (for the worse)

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Over the years I've bought thousands of dollars in TV's, a drone, printers, computers, kitchen appliances...etc. Rarely has anything been returned. Times have changed. Yesterday I bought a set of Jaybird ear buds. After trying them out at home I realized that, even at $179 the ear buds had really bad sound quality. Today, when I took them back to the store in Savannah, GA, the return was denied. Wow...was that embarrassing. The previous day I'd returned a Samsung automatic floor cleaner simply because it wasn't doing the job. Both items returned within a day or two of purchase. The clerk handed over a printed note referring me to the Retail Equation's Customer Service Office. I called the listed number and the male voice speaking was almost unintelligible. It sounded Oriental with a bad grasp of English. I tried a second call to this Retail Equation's office and got the same man...could not understand him. Bottom line: It's time to cut the cord with Best Buy. They've changed their Terms of Service. I will try again tomorrow to get the ear buds returned, but I'm going to be dealing with Amazon from here on out. If anyone at Best Buy is monitoring this, the transaction # is {removed per forum guidelines} Store number 0608

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Re: New Return Policy is a Major Change (for the worse)

Good Morning TomGauger-


Welcome to the Best Buy forums!  Although we wish it could have been under better circumstances, we appreciate the time you’ve spent reaching out to us to provide us with your feedback.  We’re sorry for the delayed response!


TRE, or The Retail Equation, is a third party service that many retailers, including Best Buy, utilize to help track returns/exchanges in an effort to prevent losses and keep prices low for our customers.  If you would prefer, you may also send an email to:  In order to ensure your privacy, please include in your message to The Retail Equation your name and a phone number where The Retail Equation can reach you.


The Retail Equation prefers to call you so that you can avoid sending this information via email. Any discrepancies must be disputed directly with TRE.  When a representative from The Retail Equation calls they will ask for your return transaction ID number and the last four digits of your ID number.  I do hope this helps point you in the right direction, and never hesitate to write back to us for any other questions or comments!



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