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Need Help Filing a Complaint (Worst Store Experience as a Woman Customer)

I need help in filing a formal complaint after one of the worst store experiences ever. I kept my receipts and have the customer service PIN number. This complaint is in regards to the "BestBuy Galleria" location at  5133 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77056.


First let me say that I am a normally a patient person and usually brush-off bad customer service without filing a complaint. Though my patience only allowed for things to get from bad to worst and I believe it is disturbing enough that I must say something. Here is a re-cap on my shopping experience there on 12/22/2017, starting around 7:30PM. 

First Rep (Sony TV area): I wanted to check out the new TVs as its soon time for us to upgrade after 10years with our current one. I asked the rep, 'Are these all the XBR models" and went on to tell him that model is my preferred choice. His response was a snark "uhh these are all XBR models!" and added a condescending 'hmmff' as if I asked him a ridiculous question. After an awkward pause, I asked him another question on "OLED for Sony TVs" and got another sarcastic answer. So I left. Here's the thing: making a customer feel like an idiot won't help generate sales.

Second Rep (PS4 area): After the first experience, I should have left the store but my husband needed a car charger for his phone and my son needed a PS4 charger for his game controllers. Also, it was raining heavily outside and I found patience and continued shopping. There was only one box of controller charger left and I asked the rep if he had anymore in the back. He quickly said no, gave what seemed like a speech on their stocking procedure, told me they had more in the back but it wouldn't get re-stocked in the morning so I needed to come back the next day. Here's how that came across to a customer: the customer needs to put in the effort to give Best Buy their business. If it won't get re-stocked until the next day, perhaps leave it at that and offer to find other stores that might have it. So I showed him the one, remaining box and told him why I wanted a new box - it had some icky/sticky goo on there that looks like leftover food/drink stains. I asked if he could wipe it off. He took the box and wiped it on the dirty carpet floor and of course, that only made it worse. When I told him then I definitely didn't want the box now, he slammed it on the top shelf and quickly walked away.

Third Rep (Check-Out Register): By now, I really wanted to leave but again, found enough patience to check out/get the phone charger/hopefully leave quickly. Initial greeting when I got to the register was "well what can I do for u, young lady." Here's the thing: I've been married for 20+years and have teen sons. I am not a "young lady" so it came across as demeaning and odd. Also regardless, that is NOT how to speak to a customer and  it should be obvious that a customer at the check-out register is there to check-out/complete a purchase. Seconds later as he is ringing up the purchase, he decided to start flirting with another female customer standing over in the next register. By then, I was trying hard to ignore that distraction and focus on quickly completing the purchase so I can leave. Instead, it was delayed by him cracking jokes with her and calling her "girl" this/ "girl" that. The "girl" also is a middle-age woman. I looked over at her, she looked at me and gave me an uncomfortable look. I felt bad for her. It was obvious by now that check-out customer rep does not know how to address women in a professional manner and it felt disturbing and uncomfortable.Finally when the purchase is made - delayed by his flirting and inattentiveness - he was still so focused on flirting that instead of giving me the bag, he was swinging it playfully between his legs while trying to get a response from her - by then, she already stopped responding with any cordialness and there was an awkward silence. Then he gave me the bag and I wanted to return it right then and there. It was a weird, demoralizing feeling - hard to explain. Though I had run out of patience and just wanted to get out of that store. I went to another Best Buy location (BestBuy Katy Freeway) and returned it there almost immediately afterwards.

Shopping shouldn't be a demoralizing experience for women and no customer should get treated with such unprofessionalism in a myriad of ways. All that happened at one store, in one shopping experience.

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Re: Need Help Filing a Complaint (Worst Store Experience as a Woman Customer)

Hi PepperGil,


Welcome to our forums. I’m sorry we weren’t able to reply to your post sooner, as we saw quite an uptick in traffic over the past holiday season, and it’s taking us a bit longer to reply to our customers than we’d like. With that said, I truly appreciate your patience, and I’ll be happy to address your concerns.


First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for the level of service you describe receiving at our Galleria location during your most recent visit. One thing you mention in your post that really stood out to me, “making a customer feel like an idiot won’t help generate sales”, and I couldn’t agree with you more. We expect all our customers to be treated in a professional manner when shopping with us, so I was disheartened to hear this wasn’t the case at multiple stops throughout your visit.


Using the information you’ve provided upon joining our forums, I see you were able to speak with my colleagues over Twitter regarding this experience, and I’m happy to report they’ve shared your feedback with the proper leadership, in an effort to prevent similar experiences from happening to our customers in the future. I know how upset I would feel after going through just one of these experiences you’ve described, so after going through three such instances of poor service, I completely understand why you’d want to share your feedback with us at our Corporate Headquarters. I truly thank you for taking the time to do so.



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Re: Need Help Filing a Complaint (Worst Store Experience as a Woman Customer)

Thank you for the response. I greatly appreciate it and for taking my concerns seriously. I am not asking for any special treatment as a customer - simply professionalism.