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Issues with Support and purchase

This past March, I purchased a Lenovo ideapad from Best Buy in Fort Collins, CO. This was purchased for my business (i'm a Realtor). Early this past summer the operating system crashed due to a corrupted Lenovo update. I was told Lenovo will cover the repair however I will lose all data that hasn't been backed up, I have to pay for shipping, and it can take up to 30 days. My only option to restore my data was to pay the geek squad to restore my operating system. I was told a service plan was the smartest way to go as it would cover future repairs on up to 5 devices for 2 years. I was also told that in order to be safe, I should purchase an external hard drive to back up to. I did this to the tune of 450$. My laptop cost 400 plus tax originally. Early this fall my machine started shutting down on its own, this became more frequent so I made an appointment and dropped it off for two days for repair. I was told they tuned it up, could not duplicate my concern, and there was a virus on it that got past the webroot virus software I'd purchased. I wasn't pleased but accepted this. The next morning I went into the office and powered up, started working. .Within 45 minutes my machine shut off in the middle of a project which I lost. I called back unhappily admittedly, and described my situation. The kid on the phone said" well, we could like re install your operating system and that might fix it. That might be faster too". To which I said, I need this fixed it is my business machine. His response was well uh, do you want to come in or not? I angrily took an appointment. After I got off the phone, I checked the programs and applications on my device and found a long list of suspicious programs still on my hard drive. I called an independant experienced IT professional and asked him what I needed to purchase so this nonsense wouldn't keep me from my work again. He told me I should purchase a Dell laptop with i7 8th gen processor, 16g ram, and a solid state hard drive. He also informed me that windows 10 has a built in cloud service that I can use to back up FOR FREE. I did not need the external hard drive. I came into the store and found the Dell he recommended (1399.99). It wasn't in stock in the store or any other store nearby, I was told I could have it shipped overnight. The kind salesman (Luke, the only competent employee I've met in the Fort Collins store) also price matched Costco (1249.99). I get home and find out that my shipment is being processed by ground so I called the store. I'm told that the warehouse is in Denver so ground is the method used which is next day, however they didn't process my order until 6:45pm (I paid at 2:00). Now I'm rather angry, I paid 850$ for a 400$ laptop including a useless service plan, then I still return to pay another 1300 for a machine that will do what I need and pay for overnight shipping only to find out it will be second day ground arriving at the end of the day. The only option offered to "help" me was that I could purchase an in stock laptop, set it up, and use it for work for a day and then return it for a refund. I also tracked the package this morning to find the warehouse is in Albequrque not Denver. Please explain to me why I should ever return to Best Buy for anything. I've spend over 2k and its clear to me the store could care less about me, my situation, and my business. From sarcastic service staff who don't know what they're doing to a customer service rep that offered me an offensive solution and "I'm sorry your experience was so bad, happy holidays!". ?????

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Re: Issues with Support and purchase

Good Afternoon bimmerjared,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to share recent experience with us. Having your laptop out for repair when you use it for business purposes can be frustrating. I’m sincerely sorry for my delayed response due the holiday season we’ve been busier than usual, and we’re doing our best to catch up.


A variety of factors may push back an expected get by date provided during check-out. It’s discouraging to hear that your new laptop was slightly delayed. I apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused you. Using the details you shared upon joining our forum community I wasn’t able to locate your 24/7 Support Plan, or your new purchase. Have you discussed your concerns with the Geek Manager at your local Best Buy in Fort Collins regarding your Lenovo Ideapad that’s not working as it should? I’d be happy to partner with your local Best Buy to see what options are available at this time. If you’re still in need of help of help on this matter you’re welcome to send me a private a message by choosing the option to so next to my name at the bottom with the details to locate your service plan.



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