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How to lose a loyal customer in 3 easy steps

1) Ignore the loyal customer’s concerns when he/she calls.
2) Ignore the loyal customer’s concerns when he/she visits one of your stores.
3) Ignore the loyal customer’s concerns when he/she messages you.

I’m just writing a final note to express my disappointment in the customer service provided by Best Buy regarding a recent problem my wife and I had with our TV. We awoke last week to find that our 15-month-old 8-Series Samsung TV was no longer functional. Although technically out of warranty, we hoped that a middle ground solution of discounted repair, discounted new television or possibly a retroactive purchase of the Geek Squad extended warranty could be reached. Instead we were met with indifference. Once the manager learned that we hadn’t purchased the extended coverage from Best Buy, we were dead to him. The same exact thing happened to us on Twitter as well. So after reaching out on more than one occasion, we can only conclude that this is no aberration but rather company policy at this point. My wife and I have both worked in retail so we know that sometimes it takes a bit of compromise and creative thinking to keep customers happy. So it was disappointing that none of that has been forthcoming from a company with which we’ve done so much business throughout the years. Our Best Buy credit card has come in handy many times but it is with a resigned sadness that we will be cutting it up and finding an alternate supplier for our tech and appliance needs.

(Best Buy - Joliet and Bloomington/Normal Illinois)

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Re: How to lose a loyal customer in 3 easy steps

While I understand the mishap that's happened with your TV, unless you purchased a Geek Squad warranty your TV is considered "Dead" unless you pay for the repairs yourself.


Your television dying is not intentional in any way and no one planted a switch that would kill your TV if you did not purchase a warranty.


But Best Buy is not obligated to extend courtesy to an item that's not under warranty.

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Re: How to lose a loyal customer in 3 easy steps

I've have been in retail (not Best Buy) for 30 years and do not understand why you would hold Best Buy accountable for not servicing you 15 month old TV for free or at a discount. The TV has a 12 month warranty thru Samsung, not Best Buy. If anything your best bet would be Samsung and hope for.the Best. I do belive Geek Squad offers a diagnosis service if you would like to see if the TV is repairable. Last I checked it was around 90$
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Re: How to lose a loyal customer in 3 easy steps

Good afternoon TheMrs and welcome to the forum! 

Purchasing a TV is always exciting, but it can turn sour when the TV doesn't last as long as you expect. Being just over a year old, I'm certain this came as quite a shock, as it would to me as well. I'm discouraged to hear your experience with our customer service has been less than satisfactory. 

At this time, I understand you do not have a Geek Squad Protection plan and your manufacturer warranty with Samsung has come and gone. While we are able to sell Geek Squad Protection plans for a short period of time after a device has been purchased, we wouldn't be able to sell one on a device that is already in need of service or this long after the purchase. At this time, any service performed by us on the TV would be at your cost. You can view where our repair costs begin here.

Given this information though, contacting Samsung may be a better option. I've reviewed the messages you exchanged with my coworker, Ken, through Twitter. It sounds like Samsung has offered a compromise on a repair outside of your warranty. With this offer having been made, I would encourage you to continue working with Samsung. 

I apologize if these options have left you disappointed in your experience and the service we've provided through social media and at the Joliet and Bloomington stores. I also understand you were considering simply upgrading the TV to an LG, so you may check out LG TVs here


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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