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Horrible customer service

So, I would like to take a moment and explain my recent catastrophe with Best Buy. The release of the new Samsung Note 10+.. The rep that we worked with Cassandra, was friendly but misleading. We pre-ordered our phones and cases, planning to pick them up on the day of release. We were able to order our phones for in-store pickup but our cases were going to have to be shipped to us and we would not get them until Sept 10- 14th. That doesn't make a lot of sense, but okay.  We did the B1G1 deal on the Samsung Note 10+, but had to add a line to our ATT acct in order to get the b1g1, but were told that we could cancel the line once we received our new phones and everything was activated. Which was also confirmed with a coworker (Matt) of the girl we were working with. We ended up spending about an hour and a half in there just getting our phones and cases ordered. Jump ahead a few days…… We received a message from Best buy 2 days prior to picking up the phones that there was an error with our order and we needed to contact customer service at Best Buy. So, I call our local store and see what was wrong with our order since we placed it with them. I am told by an employee on the phone that only one of our phones has shipped and that there was an issue with the 2nd phone on the b1g1 offer and I would have to call the 888 customer service number to see what was going on with my order. I call the number and I am explaining to them what message we got and what we needed to do to fix this issue. I proceed to spend almost 2 hours and 45 on the phone with customer service only for them to tell me that I need to talk to someone on the "bridge".  They transfer me to the "bridge" only for me to be disconnected. Might I remind you this is after 2 hours and 45 mins on the phone with the rep that could not figure out what was going on with my acct. I also found out that the bridge is not for customers, only for the employees. So, I went in to the local store where we placed our order only to be told that our phones were both in but they had not been placed together for our complete order. About 4 hours later we get a message telling us that our phones are checked in and able to be picked up at the store that we ordered them from. I call to verify and I was told that we cannot pick them up until tomorrow. So, we go to another Best Buy store in our town to purchase cases for our phones since the cases that we ordered were not going to be shipped for a couple of weeks and our original store did not have any. Release day..... I go in to pick up our phones only to be handed a large amount of chaos. The rep is getting our phones and activating them and the first phones gets taken care of no problem. On to my phone, they scan my phone in and it is not registering that I ordered this phone. What?!?! So, they have to go in and cancel the order for the 2nd phone after messing with it for about 40 mins trying to get it added to get ready to activate it. So, I must remind you that when we pre-ordered the phones we took care of all payments and taxes and everything that needed to be taken care of. So, they have to cancel the original order for my phone and reprocess it. So, they cancel the original order for my phone and instead of just putting the refund on a gift card to turn around and repay for the same phone, they credit the original payment method back and then I have to pay for it again. Well, the first time paying was on our credit card, which I did not have that with me when we had to redo the purchase, so I had to use my bank card. When he canceled the original order for the phone and case, I told him that I did not need the case anymore, because we had gone to another store and purchased the cases because they were in stock. Well, what I said had no impact and the transaction was put in the system with him re-ordering another case for my phone. Ok, I can just return it once we get it in the mail. After almost another 3 and a half hours of being in the store trying to get the phones activated and taken care of, he tells me that the phones are good to go. I am frustrated and ready to get out of the store. About 45 mins goes by and I have not received any notifications, so I called my husband and he asks what phone number i am using. I tell him mine, nope! They put the wrong sim card in my phone and used the one that is linked to the new line. Seriously!!! So, I go back to Best Buy to get it corrected and make sure that the other phone has the correct sim card in it. They get all of that switched around and I leave.  I head over to ATT to talk about canceling this new line that I was told I could cancel once we got the phones activated. I explain to the ATT rep what I was told and they tell me, “Nope, if you cancel that line you pay full price for the phones that you just got.” Now I am fuming because I just added a line that I was told we could cancel once we got our phones activated. We go back to Best Buy a couple of days later after regrouping my thoughts and calming down from being frustrated, because we have to order my mom her phone since she has been having issues with her current phone so we were going to upgrade her. Well, my mom decided to do the b1g1 and we decided that we were going to add my daughters to our plan to use the new lines. We ordered her phone in-store and we pay her taxes and fees so she does not have to since she in on a limited income. She gets a message from Best Buy about 3 days later that says,”if you have not received your device by September 23, 2019 your order will be refunded.” Ok, so we call the 888 customer service number and she is on the phone with them for about an hour trying to figure out what is going on, why the phone is not shipping when it is showing them in stock on their page, and what her other options are. We finally decide that being on the phone with them is doing nothing, because they aren’t helping by any means. We end up going to another Best Buy in Fort Wayne and canceling her phone that she ordered, but keeping the 2nd phone for the b1g1 because it is showing that it is going to be shipping out in the next day or two. So, we go through the same thing as we did before with canceling one phone on the b1g1, so they cancel the order, and tell us that the refund will the charges to a gift card and then will just use that gift card for the payment towards the new transaction. Well, they refunded it and it went sent back to our credit card, not the gift card. So, once again I have to pay using my bank card. This is getting old really fast! By the time they get this transaction completed we have sat at this Best Buy for another almost 2 hours. They try to justify this and give my mom a wireless charger for her inconvenience and time lost. Really? So jump ahead almost 2 weeks and we are still waiting for refunds that were supposed to go back onto our credit card and bank account. I head back up to the original Best Buy store that we ordered our phones from and spend 2 hours and 15 mins with Jordan who breaks everything down and pulls all of the receipts from the transactions since this started to find out that we were not refunded for 2 of the cases that were supposed to be returned and refunded. And also that when we canceled my moms order, they never completed the refund, they zeroed it out in the register, so it is not showing that there is any refund available. We currently have a work ticket into that to find out why and what is going on with that refund. But over all, we should have had a little over $250 in refunds that we have been waiting in limbo for. Jordan was able to push through the refund for the 2 cases, one of them was the one that was originally ordered with our first phone order and the second was the case that was re-ordered when they canceled my phone and put it back into the system as a new order. Now, I am just waiting to see what is going to be done with this mess that Best buy has created. Other than my last visit with Jordan, no one seemed to be overly motivated to help with this, or make this right in any way, or to even take the time to help us figure out what was going on and what needed to be done.   

I feel as though Best Buy really let their customers down this time around. I have never had such careless customer service, or dealt with employees that just wanted to get through a sale so fast that they did not want to actually go through and make sure that the things were done correctly and that the customer was taken care of and satisfied.  Nothing offered to make up for the time that I spent there. Hours upon hours I spent at Best Buy trying to make sense of everything that was messed up with these orders and the refunds that we have to wait on, because they are sitting in limbo somewhere, but no one knows where. This is not great customer service and horrible communication on Best Buy!!

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Re: Horrible customer service

Welcome, andurs3.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Getting a new cell phone is typically a very fun and exciting time so I’m disheartened to hear about all of the troubles and difficulties you experienced along the way this time around. It is certainly never our intention for such things to happen.

Furthermore, I would be more than happy to take a closer look into these purchases and returns to ensure everything is on the right track. Please feel free to send me a Private Message containing the following information.


  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The customer pin numbers from the receipts (This pin is located towards the bottom of your receipt)


From there, I should be able to gain a better understanding of where we are standing. To send me this message, please click the blue “Private Message” button located in my signature below.

Thank you again for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

All the best,

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Horrible customer service

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I do not have the receipt with me showing the pin. But I am not happy at all with the whole situation. Nothing has been done about the hours upon hours that I had to spend up there fixing issues that best buy caused and then handled very unprofessionally and with such disregard.

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Re: Horrible customer service

Hi again,andurs3,

Thank you for providing us with that information. However, we ask that you please refrain from posting your personal information on a public post for your safety. We'd be glad to see how we can assist, but we would need that information sent through a private message. You can send a secure message by clicking the "Private Message" option below in my signature. Once we receive your message, we can investigate this further. I look forward to your reply!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Horrible customer service

It does not give me an option to send you a private message. This is now going on 3 months that nothing has been done, nothing has been accomplished, and I have lost hours. Can someone please get me some assistance with resolving these issues
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Re: Horrible customer service

I’m assuming you mean the big private message button doesn’t show in Alyssa-BBY’s signature. This is almost always because you’re viewing the forums from a mobile device. The easiest way would be to visit this page on a computer, but barring that you can click Full at the bottom of the page where it says Version. Keep in mind, you’ll probably have to zoom in to read the text but you’ll see the desktop version of the site which includes signatures.
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Re: Horrible customer service

Hi, adurs3,


Welcome back to the forums. Thanks to jdogg836 for the help here. That's correct.


If you don't want to load up the full version of our site, you can send the message by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you so we can see what we can do to help.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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