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Horrible Customer Service 9/11

I had a really bad experience at the Killeen, TX location last week. To start off I placed an order online to pick up in the store and waited over 2 hours for the email saying it would be ready. I decided to head up there due to having to return an item so I figured I could ask when I got there. The lady at customer service was not trying to follow up with the order rather she continued to tell me that the orders get backed up. I explained how long it had been and if she could follow up, so she proceeded to call someone on the radio. So now this individual comes up and ask her why she wanted to know in a rude tone. She told him that the customer was here and wanting to know if it was ready. He continued to be rude about the situation but finally went onto the computer to look for my order. When he found the order it stated that the order was transferred however it didn't state where it was transferred to and they had then in stock. While this was going on I noticed there was assistant manager who did not get involved and even walked off. So while I am waiting the second individual went to the back to "see" what they could figure out who never returned. I continued to wait and wait when I finally asked the first lady if she had any updates which she did not have answer. I proceeded to tell them I just wanted my item and they seemed to be having a system issue which is not my problem. I had already paid for this purchase however they told me I needed to cancel it to rebuy in the store. She called for the manager who was up there earlier however she didn't return rather she sent another individual who told me that paypal is not taken in the store. I explained that I am fully aware of that and thats not the issue. If I have paid via paypal already to secure this item then they should be able to give it to me. Then another individual who walked up like he was security continued to repeat the same info that if I wanted it today I would need to buy it in the store. I then became really upset and told them I was canceling the whole order then I left the store.


I do not feel that them having an system issue saying it was transferred is my issue. Also I don't appreciate the manner I was handled as well as the way we were surrounded as if we were a threat. The manager never came up there who was called either and it was very clear they had all had a discussion prior. I have worked in retail for years and as a company you need to figure out how to make the customer happy. I was not asking for anything out of the norm. I have bought items in this manner so many times and never an issue. Also the main part is how rude everyone was the situation and asked as if I was a bother to them. This very unacceptable and I will never return to the Killeen location ever which is sad because I shopped there a lot.

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Re: Horrible Customer Service 9/11

Hello, hfelicia.

Let me first thank you for registering as a new user for our Best Buy Community Forums. Welcome!

We really appreciate you detailing your experience at our Killeen store. We make every effort to fulfill our customers’ orders promptly. More importantly though, when customers arrive at a store to pick up an order, we do our utmost to treat each customer with dignity and respect. So in both regards, I’m sorry that your experience was not favorable, to say the least.

May I ask if you were provided an explanation on why there was difficulty with your order, either being delayed or being transferred as you’ve mentioned? As you’re probably aware, our standard process of notifying customers that their order is ready for Store Pickup, is by email. We apologize if this was not the process that was followed.

You’ve contacted us at the corporate level, so please be assured that your experience is not falling on deaf ears. We’d like to review your transaction as a reference for our store leadership, so would it be possible for you to share your full name, phone number, and email address in a private message to us, please?  Additionally, we’ll happily reach out to our Killeen store to ensure that every opportunity is used to offer better customer service to our store visitors.



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