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Given wrong pricing information by salesperson

We were planning to update our home entertainment system for the holidays. After doing some research on new TVs, I went in to the local store (Cedar Hills, Beaverton, Oregon) on Saturday afternoon (the 23rd) and listened in as the salesperson was describing the TV I had chosen, a Sony XBR55X900E, to another group of customers. I then asked some questions of my own. Frankly, I was quite impressed by his knowledge. I've spent most of my career working in video production (which is why I have a bias for Sony products)  and had been studying up on consumer 4K TVs. I let him know that I appreciated his knowledge and he let me know he'd been working for Best Buy for quite some time and had the company's respect, as well.


I came back that evening with my wife to let her take a look (we were going grocery shopping nextdoor), and saw him again. Before I left, I asked him to confirm that $999.99 was the TV's normal selling price and I could come back the next day when we didn't have a car full of groceries. He specifically checked the price and told me there would be no change. I told him I'd come by and make sure he got credit for the sale if he was around.


I came back the next day to buy the TV and a Sony STR DH770 receiver that I would also need to take advantage of the 4K capability. The original salesperson wasn't available, but I was informed by another that the "sale" was over and the TV was now $1,999.99, $200 more than the evening before. I checked online and discovered that even Sony and Amazon had increased their price overnight. Not being in the best of moods after hearing this, I chose not to speak to the manager and left, feeling a bit cheated and canceling my plans to buy the new TV and receiver.


I do not want to get the salesperson in trouble. He was one of the best ones I've worked with at Best Buy. But I don't think it's unreasonable to request the opportunity to buy the TV at the price I was quoted on Saturday evening. 


(I'm emailing this post to the store, as well.)




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Re: Given wrong pricing information by salesperson

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Here's a follow-up:


It took a few days to get connected, but thanks to the store email address being posted online, I was able to get in touch with Dylan {removed per forum guidelines}. Assistant Store Manager - Sales. (The store phone number put me in touch with a remote call center that took a quarter-hour to pick up.)


We met in person at the store the following Saturday. I didn't quite know what to expect, but with my general feelings about big-box stores, I anticipated the worst but did my best to keep an open mind. Dylan turned out to be notably acomodating. He was quite proud of the fact that Best Buy empowered him to make decisions to offer the best possible service to his customers. He was also proud of his store and wanted it to be the best in the chain. I found myself both surprised and impressed with both his attitude and people-skills. 


Needless to say, I was able to buy the TV at the price I had originally seen along with the receiver I had picked out. It a few minutes it was in my car and a couple of hours later, it was up and running (I'm pretty meticulous with my cabling, even if it is just HDMI). 


The bottom line here is a happy customer who was impressed with fact that I received some personal help from a retail behemoth. Thanks Dylan!