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Customer Service Complaint

Dear Best Buy,

I was in your in Hickory NC store in November to purchase a washer and dryer set. Firstly I had been in the store before and stood in the appliance section for over 15 minutes without anyone greeting me or asking me if I needed any assistance.  At that time, I left and went to a different store to make my purchase, where upon I was greeted immediately and was asked how they could help me.   Unfortunately this store did not have the items in stock and said it would not be until late January before I could get them.  So sadly I made way back to Best Buy to make the purchase.  Upon entering the store, I approached 4 associates who were congregated at the front podium and asked for assistance with my washer / dryer set purchase.  They told me to go to the appliance section and that they would call someone over to assist, not one of the four individuals walked with me to the section.  After a few minutes, Dorian came to assist me. I asked a few questions about the differences in the LG washer models and then made my decision to purchase.  I asked for the Washer, Dryer, sidekick pedestal washer, and pedestal dryer.  He proceeded to ring my purchase up and arranged for the delivery that weekend.


When the appliances were delivered and being installed it was determined that the wrong sidekick washer pedestal was ordered -- it was 2 inches wider than the washing machine that was going to be placed upon it.  The associate asked me if I had placed the order on line or was it done at the store.  When I told him that I purchased it at the store and showed him the paperwork. He saw that it was Dorian who had rung me up and rolled his eyes as to indicate that this is a typical of Dorian's performance.  Here is where I would like to point out an opportunity for improvement in your services.  It would be very simple to program in a computability check of the appliances that are being purchased together and provide a warning message that the washer / sidekick pedestal washer pairing were not compatible.  My delivery people said not to worry, they would install the washer and the dryer so that I would have something to use.  He also called the store to inform them of the ordering error and told me that I should return to the store and talk to one of the managers, TJ or Mack to arrange for an exchange to the sidekick pedestal.  He also informed me that I was sold a $27 item that was not needed in the installation and that I should request a refund.  After the delivery men left, I moved the dryer no more than 2 inches over to better center the appliance in the room and the dryer vent hose became disconnected.  I proceeded to have to move the washer out and reattach the hose and tighten down the clamp.


I went to the store that afternoon and met with Mack,  he said that Cassie was processing the exchange and that they could have the correct item delivered on Wednesday.  He took me to a register in the back where Cassie had done the order exchange.  Unfortunately, that was not still on the screen so Mack had to start over and recreate the exchange.  He had me sign for the delivery and then he had me sign for something else on the touch pad.  After that signature I could see on the touch pad that I was getting an $82 dollar refund -- that didn't seem correct and quickly realized that he processed the exchange of a sidekick washer pedestal that I originally paid $250 after in store rebates for a standard storage washer pedestal valued at $150.  When I informed him of the error, he asked the associate to cancel the transaction. 


Mack then left for quite some time, leaving me at the register for at least 30 minutes.  He finally came back and said the sidekick washer pedestal in the size and color I would be needing was not available at the warehouse and so he was calling other stores in the area to see if they had one so I wouldn't need to wait as long for it.   Very much appreciated.  We arranged for delivery for a Saturday 2 weeks out.


He took me to another register and had me work with a different sales associate who then proceeded to want to charge me nearly $300 for this.  I stated that I shouldn't be charged anything since this was a simple swap of model sizes and was not expecting a $300 charge.  This associate then informed me that I was exchanging a storage pedestal for a sidekick pedestal -- I told her, I was not it was a sidekick for a sidekick.  It was then determined that the first attempt at the exchange was not cancelled but was actually processed and that now I was doing another exchange to get to the sidekick pedestal.  That associate did not see the original bundle purchase price of the pedestal for $250 but instead saw it as a $400 stand alone purchase.  They proceeded to print out the receipts for the first exchange to show me -- I questioned why the credit for an exchange of a $250 item for a $150 resulted in an amount of $82 and not $100 -- Mack indicated that part of it was issued against the $100 gift card I received when making the bundle purchase .. and that card is no longer worth $100.  That made even less sense because that meant the credit was something less than the $82.    At that time, I told I was expecting to do an even exchange for the correct size sidekick pedestal, reminding him that it was their associate that made the ordering error, and that my $100 gift card should still be worth $100.  I also mentioned about getting credit for the $27 item that was not needed in the installation.  Mack did not see it that way, gave me a very disgusted sigh and an unfavorable look but proceeded to do the exchange free of charge to me -- as it should have been.  The other associate came back and handed me a gift card for the $27 item not used.  I asked them why this was not credited back to my credit card instead of doing it as a gift card.  They did not have a satisfactory answer, but at this point I had spent nearly 2 hours at the store, so I took the card and thanked them.


During this whole exchange, not once did Mack apologize for their error in the original purchase, nor for the amount of time I had to spend in their store during  Black Friday weekend to do the exchange.


I received a phone call from Best Buy associate on Friday, the day before the scheduled Saturday delivery to confirm the delivery.  I waited all day Saturday but no delivery was made nor did I receive a phone call to indicate that the delivery wasn't going to be made... something they would have known that morning when they saw that they did not have the sidekick pedestal washer on the delivery truck.


I went to the store on Monday and went to customer service, they reviewed all my receipts and one of the associates took the latest receipt and went in the back to look for the item.  The other proceeded to tell me, that due to winter weather that Friday, they did not receive the delivery truck from Atlanta that had my sidekick washer on it and that was why it was not delivered on Saturday.  I said I certainly understood about the weather, but I would have appreciated a phone call on Saturday to inform that the delivery was not going to be made.  He apologized for this and after talking to the associate in the back via headset, I got the impression the washer was in the store and that they were still processing the delivery from Atlanta.  He said no need for me to wait that I should just give them a call in about an hour to arrange for delivery. He gave me my receipt back and I left the store.


About 2 hours later, I called the store and got to customer service and indicated that I was there a few hours ago and that I should call back now to arrange for delivery.  That associate, once again implied the item was in the store, and said that it could not be delivered for another 2 weeks.  at this point, that would have been nearly 5 weeks from original purchase date, so I asked that couldn't the delivery made sooner since I had been inconvenienced several times already with this purchase.  She said she would look into it and proceeded to put me on hold.  Mack the manager then got on the call and told me that they could not schedule the delivery because the item was not in the store.  I told him that was not the impression I got from the other two associates that I had talked to that day but agreed with him that did not specifically tell me that it was in the store.  He told me he would personally call me when the item was received in the store and arrange for delivery.


The next day on Tuesday I called the national Best Buy number and proceeded to arrange with them delivery of the item for that Thursday.   The item was delivered as scheduled that Thursday.  I am still waiting for the call from Mack.


Overall, this was a poor customer experience for me:

  • not having willing and able associates to help me upon entering the store
  • ordering of the wrong size item
  • poor installation of the dryer vent hose
  • poor customer service by the manager when going to store to make the exchange
  • to getting a gift card instead of issuing a credit to my credit card for item not needed
  • to not being notified when the home delivery was not going to be made, making me wait all day at home.
  • no not getting a follow up call from Mack, the store manager, after he promised that he would do so.

One that questions for me whether I will ever shop at Best Buy again. 


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Re: Customer Service Complaint

Hello rogerstr67,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for my late reply. We’ve been busier than usual lately and because of that it is taking longer than we’d like to get back to everyone that came to us for help recently.


I’m very disappointed to read about your poor appliance purchase. That is not at all the kind of experience we want our customers to have. We should be greeting customers as soon as they get into the department they are shopping in, and if it will be a bit of time before someone frees up to help them, we should let them know that up front.


Likewise, we want all of our employees to double check orders they are creating to make sure all the products work right together. We should have been able to refund your product onto the original form of payment as well. Our follow-up on this, from the missed delivery to the failure to call you back after you were promised a call, has been well below the standards we set for ourselves.


I hope that since making this post you have been able to get back in touch with the store and have gotten everything worked out. If not, please send me a private message by using the link in my signature below with your order number and the best phone number to reach you at and I’ll see if I  can help get you in touch with the store.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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