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Complaint about a manager in store 898

So I went into the store today to buy the brand new Pokemon sword and shield game. Also took advantage of the price match because it's $20 cheaper in Walmart but I prefer BestBuy anyways so why not. the employee that was with me to check out was extremely helpful but not the manager on the other hand seems like she needs more training. After 40 minutes of waiting for her to come from the warehouse of the store and the store is empty barely any customers in the store and she decided that she wanted to ignore me because I made her walk to the front of the store to do her job. After about another 5-10 minutes of me telling her it's available in Walmart because she wouldn't give me the price match unless it was available in the store she finally gave it to me with an attitude. Now the main reason for me to go get the game is because my brother loves all things Pokemon by my surprise in BestBuy you get two free Pokemon sword and shield coins because I bought the bundle pack the manager refuses to give it to me I've called BestBuy and they told me that she has to give me the item because it is listed on my receipt the manager still refused to give it to me after I went back to the store. On her tag it has said that she's been there since 2005 she seems like she is tired of her job needs retraining to deal with customers better because that is the face of that BestBuy location. With her lack of customer support and item knowledge she seems like she needs to be retrained there is no need why I went into a store and had to wait an hour just to purchase an item
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Re: Complaint about a manager in store 898

Hey, zairy93,


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us with this complaint. I would have to agree, I'd be pretty upset if a manger was refusing to give me something I was entitled to. I want to look into this further, make sure your complaint is documented, and see if there is anything I could do to help. Please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number. 




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