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Chloe is a disaster. Hysterical.

Chelsea store in NYC.  You can never buy movies there because the stupid waste of space "chloe" is always down.  Employees act embarrassed about it.  Its pathetic.


Whoevers brilliant idea this was should be fired immediatly. 

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Re: Chloe is a disaster. Hysterical.

Our demos and displays should always be fully functional for all of our customers. Honestly I didn't even know that Best Buy had such a cool robot organizer like Chloe, but it is definately disheartening to hear that it was down when you went there.  If there are continuing problems that are occuring with that unit it would certainly be impossible for our customers to shop for DVD's or CD's. 


With that said, your valuable feedback is greatly appreciated, and it is my hopes that our maintanence teams can get that robot up and running again to not inconvinience or waste any more of our precious shoppers time!  Thank you again for all the time that you took to join and write with the community!  

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Re: Chloe is a disaster. Hysterical.

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Hello SteveGittelman,


You know, I've had plenty of occasions where I had to leave a store without what I went in for, but I can honestly say it was never because of automation. I was discouraged to read of your experience at our Chelsea store and I regret any inconvenience to you.


I will ensure your remarks are made available to our corporate teams. Please know I'm grateful you took the time to share your feedback with us.



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Re: Chloe is a disaster. Hysterical.

I agree, Chloe is a joke. I went last night and Chloe was down again. I literally saw the movie I wanted to buy on the shelf and actually couldn't purchase it because that flaky system was out of order and there's no back up plan in place that would allow a physical person to go inside that oversized vending machine to get it for me. It's only because unlike Amazon shipping on most (if not all) of your movies isn't free and that I have a Best Buy gift card from Christmas that I'll be forced to shop at your store.