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Cell Insurance & Apple Care Purchase Mistake

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In December of 2014 I purchased an iPhone 6+ from AT&T in Oklahoma City for my son. At that time I also opted to add the AT&T insurance coverage.

Two years later on 12/26/16, my son decided to upgrade to the iPhone 7. He did this on his own as he lives in Moore, OK with his dad and not with me. He went to Best Buy in Moore, OK. The cell phone representative added the new phone to our phone service and took the old phone off our service, then transferred the AT&T insurance to the new phone which my son had no knowledge was part of the AT&T phone monthly billing . Then the Best Buy/AT&T representative proceeded to sell him the Apple Care insurance plan as well. The agreement number is {removed per forum guidelinesand Customer Service PIN is {removed per forum guidelines}.

How can I get this over charging resolved as the AT&T customer service was little help even though it was their representative working through Best Buy that made the mistake?

The cell phone agent should have only added one insurance plan. I had no way of knowing that we were being charged for two insurance plans on the same phone as one was appearing on my monthly AT&T bill and the other was being charged to my sons debit card. The only reason I was alerted to this mistake made by the cell phone agent was because I received an email stating that my sons debit card was expiring this month and he needed to update the card information for the Apple Care payment. I’m assuming this was sent to my email because he used my rewards number for the iPhone 7 purchase.

When I contacted AT&T about this mistake, they would only reimburse three months of the insurance charges as they said I should have found the error sooner. The problem is with the insurance services being billed to two different places, one belonging to me and the other belonging to my son, how were we to know?

How do I proceed in getting something done about this cell phone agent ripping us off to get bonus points for doubling up on services for the same phone and how many others are getting ripped off as well by this process? Something needs to be done to correct this and stop this from happening to any more customers in the future.

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Re: Cell Insurance & Apple Care Purchase Mistake

Hello kimmy_241,


Ensuring that your son’s device is properly protected is important. I’m sorry to hear that you might be carrying protection on device via your carrier, and he choose to purchase an Apple Care plan when he upgraded his device to iPhone 7 in December of 2016. My sincere apologizes for our delayed response due to the holiday season we’ve been busier than usual, and we’re doing our best to catch up.


Apple Care Plans and the plans provided from AT&T are very similar, but aren’t exactly the same. I understand paying for both does seem a little excessive. You’re more than welcome to give Geek Squad a call at  1-800-433-5778 to cancel the Apple Care Plan he purchased, however, due to the terms your son agreed to at the time purchase no refunds will be offered.


Thank you for posting to our community for some advice!



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