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Best Buy robbed me??!?

I recently just went into a Best Buy store, was about to buy beats headphones with my debit card & my debit card has money on the account. When i tried to purchase the headphones, my card was declined twice, so i paid with cash instead & i go to check my bank transactions later and they charged me twice for 1 pair of headphones!! Wth!!
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Re: Best Buy robbed me??!?

No, the transactions did decline, but you can thank your bank for holding the funds on those transactions. Give it a few days and the holds will fall off depending on the bank's policies.

I tried purchasing a MacBook Pro a few years ago and the card was declined twice yet the funds still showed as held so I literally had to go to the store and pay cash since my bank wasn't letting the funds go quick enough for me.

So no, Best Buy didn't "rob" you, it's just something banks do and Best Buy has absolutely nothing to do with it.
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Re: Best Buy robbed me??!?

Hi Tonym530,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for your post! Personally, I would maybe be bit surprised if I saw two charges on my account. Let’s see if I can offer some insight into the situation.


As Mbrguy pointed out, one of those charges should simply be an authorization. While it would typically be released right away, it can take up to 7-9 business days for that to be reflected in your account, depending on your bank. If you’re still seeing that on your account, I would recommend reaching out to the card-issuer and seeing if they have any more information.



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