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Bad store experience

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Let me preface this with saying, I tried to resolve everything at the store level but got no response when I emailed the General Manager, this would explain why the assistant mangers are they way they are.  Starts at the top.

I am just going to upload the email I sent to the GM.  I have tried to call customer service, but they are in the Philippines and can not help


Mr Steven {removed per forum guidelines} GM

Best Buy

Prestonwood Store


I had asked for your info as I want to bring to your attention the handling of my return. I understand you have a policy of 15 days in place now. I have been shopping at Best Buy since they have opened and never knew that nor have I ever had a problem with a return before. That being said, I explained to your assistant manager that I was not aware and I would have returned it but I was out of the country from the 8th until the 25th. I happened to have my Cruise card in my pocket and showed him the exact dates. As I had returned Sunday night, Monday was my first opportunity. As it turned out, 4 days late. He said it was on my receipt, unfortunately, I never received a paper receipt and it went to an old email address. Under the circumstances, I would have thought to be a long-time customer they could make an exception as it was an honest mistake AND ONLY 4 DAYS. His attitude was very cavalier and he said he could let me exchange it, which I thought to mean give me a store credit. I said that would be ok and then I find out that was not what he meant. I had to shop right then and there and buy something I did not need. I explained that I do not need anything now and his attitude was take it or leave it, in his words he was doing me a favor by letting me exchange it for something I DID NOT NEED. I was honestly very surprised, as in the probably 30 years of shopping at Best Buy I never had a bad experience. That has changed now. I will abide by your policy and come in and exchange for something, but probably will not shop there much. It upset me so much that I wanted to give Best Buy the benefit of doubt and maybe I was just misinformed. So, I took the time to review other competitors return policy, such as Fry’s, Costco, Sam’s, not to mention online, everyone is at least 30 days. I even checked Wal-Mart, because your assistant manager said they were 15 days, and they said, on computers and digital cameras they have a 15-day policy, but they said it is not set and within a few days it would be no problem.  I understand that there is policy but to adopt a take it or leave it attitude, in my mind is not good business.  The funny thing is we are only talking about $100!  I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter.  I know you do not make policy, so I will forward a copy to corporate and maybe they will at least think about giving managers a little discretion.



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Re: Bad store experience

Welcome to the Best Buy forums and thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us on the community forums!  I'm sorry to hear that your return and exchange promise ended while you were out of the country, and I too would be frustrated if placed in a similar circumstance. 

With all of that said, the General Manager did provide an exception to the policy to allow an exchange to take place.  These exceptions are not something that come around often, especially with our new systems, but I'm happy to hear the GM was willing to lend a helping hand!  Best Buy does it's best to ensure that our return policy is at most all registers, online, and on the receipt at the bottom.  If you haven't already, please log into your account to update your information to the current email address so that you can receive these receipts, if email is the option that works best for you!

thanks for taking the time to share!  My recommendations would be to head back to the store to see if that exception still stands, but I cannot promise such a outcome will take place. 

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Re: Bad store experience

Hi there, MarkOrbach!


Welcome to our community! We appreciate you making this post and sharing your feedback with us! Having been outside of a return policy a few times myself, I can definitely understand how you feel not being able to make a return when you needed to. As autotech796 has mentioned, it does sound like the general manager of the store offered you an exception to our policy and offered to allow an exchange to be made at the time that you were in the store. An exception like this is not always able to be made, and something like this would be at the discretion of a store manager. 


It's also important to note that we do our best to ensure that our Return & Exchange Promise is easily accessible to all of our customers, by posting it online, in-stores, and on the bottom of our receipts. While our return and exchange time period has not changed in recent years, if you have any questions about our policy, I would recommend visiting the link that I have provided above to check out more information about our Return & Exchange Promise. 


As autotech796 has also recommended, we recommend visiting the store to see if this exception is still possible, so you can hopefully exchange your item for something of better use to you. We also recommend logging into your online account and ensuring that all of your information is up to date, that way you do receive your receipts if you happen to opt to receive them electronically. 



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Re: Bad store experience

I have not received any reply from the GM. Still waiting

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Re: Bad store experience

Did you go to the store and try to get another exception as suggested here? It looks like the email you sent is a statement of how your unhappy with the returns policy and doesnt really ask for anything. There isn't much to reply to.
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Re: Bad store experience

Hi there, MarkOrbach,


Thanks for reaching back out to us on our forum! I hope you had a great vacation! That said, I can understand your disappointment that you were outside of our Return & Exchange Promise by the time you got back. I know that would sadden me as well, so I appreciate that you took the time to share this experience with us.


Our goal is always to provide our customers with the best experience around, so it's hard to hear that's not how you felt after working with the manager in store. While I can't make any promises toward a certain result, I'd be happy to reach out to the General Manager on your behalf, and request they get in contact.


Using the "Private Message" feature in my signature below, please send over your full name, phone number, and email.


Looking forward to working with you!



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