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4 brand new defective laptops in a row!!!

YŸHello, first off I’d like to start by saying hello to everyone as I’m new to the site. Anyways I was in the market for a brand  gaming laptop as I was just over always being forced to have to sit at my desk if I wanted to use my pc. Soo I decided I would try going to Best Buy and look at there selection of gaming laptops and price matching. I end up narrowing it down between a msi gs series 17” with a rtx2070 max q link below




And also between an Asus rog series 15” gaming laptop gu502gu. 



So the salesmen tells me I should buy the asus over the msi for w.e reason which I’m assuming he suggested choosing the asus because it was a bit more and it was not a sale item,which I’m assuming they try and sell full price items first over sale items just like any store does for the most part. He also completely neglected to inform me about the $100 student deal for w.e reason  ousting me an additional $100.00 dollars that I could have at least saved if he would have actually mentioned it to me....guess he was just trying to get as much money out of me as possible.... which really ticks me off to be honest because it’s not like it was just some small $5.00 off coupon it was $100.00 which is not exactly pocket change at least not to me! Anyways he said try this one out for a day or two and if you don’t like it I promise we can swap it out for the other one that you were also looking at for the sale price,so I said okay. Anyways I get it home charge it for the few hours it suggest that night and that next morning I start to set it up and realize the right speaker has got absolutely no sound coming from or out from it. So I contact asus and did exactly what they told me to do for troubleshooting steps but with no luck. Soo I decided to just bring it back to the store since I had just bought it brand new from the store the day before that. I bring it in get a salesman and he says okay we can have geek squad employee look at it first, so I said sure why not. The geek squad employee examines it and with in 2 minutes he says “yup the right speaker is broken, must have come broken from the factory” and then says let’s get you a new replacement which I say okay to l thanked them get cashed out and leave the store. I once again I get home charge it up for a few hours like it suggest and turn it on, everything seem to be working fine this time including both speakers now working but i realized the delete insert key was no time working correctly. So once again I first contact asus customer service and they tell me to redownload bios and try updating the drivers which I did update the bios but when I went to try and update the keyboard it just kept giving me an error with a code 19 which was saying something along the lines of unable to update driver due to possible registry/ windows download corruption or something like that. Just look up code 19 If you want the full exact explanation. So I was naturally freaked out by this considering it was a brand new pc and it just would not allow me to update the keyboard drivers w out constantly getting that code 19 error. So I decided to just try and reset windows as a whole wiping all files permanently,but literally all 3 times I tried doing this it would get to 39% and just stay stuck there for well over an hour or more each time and like I said I tried doing it 3 times and every single time it would get stuck ar 39% which is not a very good sign imo when I’m getting all these errors already on a brand new 2000 dollar laptop and I’m somewhaf familiar with Pc and never have I ever had windows reset get stuck and just stay at 39% for over an hour or more and not progress past that no matter what literally forcing me to have to turn the pc power off itself and reboot which I’m sure can not be good on the pc and probably giving me a corrupt download of windows 10 along with other drivers and files which really upset me. So I decided to ONCE AGAIN! Bring it back down to the Best Buy store where I bought it and told them the situation saying is there anything you guys can do as far as money off the original purchase or possibly come down on a pc similar to this one which they did not have in stock. I asked the manager if I could just swap it out for the original msi 17inch laptop referenced above because I was just sick of having issues with the same pc and it was starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth and I was starting to worry that they may have just gotten a bad batch of these particular models from the factory itselff which I’ll get to in a bit, but the manager says oh no sorry that one isn’t permanently sold out! And I was like well when I was in here Saturday buyinf this Pc from you I wasn’t trying to decide between the two and was promised that if I changed my mind or something happens that I can for sure swap it out for that msi model. But apparently they like to pretend like what’s they just said a day or two a ago means nothing now....real nice guys! So he says ohh well for the inconvenience I can’t take off 100.00 off your original price which he was refering to the $100.00 off student deal which they SHOULD have done in my original purchase inthe FIRST PLACE!  That is in no way a offer to take some money off for two bad PCs in a row that is like I s aid something that should have been applied the first time in general so stop trying to use that as a a festire of goodwill like your giving me additional money off not for the inconvenience. After I said well I really don’t want the same Pc again becuse it’s not leaving a good impression with me so far so he says ohh she well I can take off 100.00 off which btw once again is nit them taking extra money off themselves that’s is once again just something that is supposed to be put in anyhow as a part then store offer so it’s like you got to be kidding me with this crap you guys are trying to pull!  One I want actual additional money off not justness something’s thats already part of the story stores sale and 2 I want to He laptop that was actually promised to me hotness two days earlier only to be offered one that easy 500 or 600 more. Ohh well you can use Yuen Best Buy credit card , No! Like what the heck is wrong with his store and it’s manager and employees? So anyways after soon thst all they were willing to do was give me Thurber original laptop model and giving me me my students deal of 100 off even though like I said that that is dedinetly something that she out do have been applied in the first place and is in no way a gestire of goodwill from the store for all the inconveinence thst they have already come a used music me and also screwing me out of the original msi laptop that was promised to me! So I get to checkout and they wanted geek squad or shoukdninsay jerkswuad to look at it which wasn’t needed anyways because they had to do a full exchange anyways in order to give me the student deal which all it ended up giving me wasn’t 100 on a studio giftcard that wasn’t able to be used on my original purchase price so I gotta no money back into my actual account  and just got stuck w a stupid gift card to use on something in the store later...gees thanks! the jerk from geek squa ask me what’s happening and intelligent him and he’s rude rudely bluntly told me ohh that thats impossibke that can’t happen! Even though I have absolutely no reason to make that up and he just kept saying I wasn’t wrong the Pc is fine I’m making things up and that’s it was “STUPUD!” In his words to tried to to reset it. Just a total jerk and I tried 3 times w no luck and I even said to him your welcome to try it yourself so you can buy see for yourself but of course he just gave me a nasty snooty know it all look and walked in the back. So once the girl I s cashing me out she say she justness so uk you can’t  do this a again becaus this isn’t your 6th pc now and I said said EXCUSE ME! What in the world aren’t young talking about!? And she’s kept insisting that I’ve had 6 pcs aleeady wbich one is not even possible since i had just bought it sturdy the 19th and it was only Wednesday’s the 23rd of july and two that definitely was not even close to being true because she was far to stupid to realize they were just duplicate receipts and not multiple different transactions like a she kept insisting. So after her nasty awfulness tranaction and getting pointlessly interrogated and judged and called stupid by geek squad i finally get my receipt and go. I Get home and SURPRISE! Two dead pixels on the bottom of the screen! So once again, had to waste gas going back down there and I get the generals manager this time when was at least not a bumbling uselessmoron like that idiot manager nakedness the earlier who was  so irresponsible very unhelpful and overall just terrible  and very unapproachable as an employee or not. HE knows lliterally  NOTHING! About any of there products or how to conduct business in general. HOW is this guy a manger? There needs to be someone from another state higher up to come down and conduct a survey undercover to see how bad it is. So once I get home after this manager says oh sorry that’s it and a and says i see no dead pixel so and say so sorry go Home’s I get home bring it in my room Which own dark and instantly s see it! I bring it back again that night and say have geek squad lol look at it but do it in a darksr area and guess what surprise surprise! He comes out and says yes sorry there was two dead pixel after all after he just told men I i was basixally crazy and how he can’t just be replacing 2grand PCs...but now it’s oh sorry my bad it’s no skin off my back he said but justness 20mins ago its ohh how’s dare you try a and return.  ITS like this is ridiculous! I asked can I get some kind of actual refund or giftcard but he says nope sorry even though evdn though this willl had been 4 bad pcs they had the store that had absolutely nothing to do w causing it. THEY were duds from the factory. And guess what now there’s there out at this s forensic this store so now i got 12 miles out of the way to pick it up at another store an once again no giftcard no money off nothing! So thanks bestbuy for screaming at me accusing me whenit was faulty hardware literally and just getting treated like crap like I had done something wrong when I’m the one spending 2grand  for 4 bad laptops from the factory in a row. THERE NEeds to be something done or I’m s done or im contacting the better business bureau And general attorney if they don’t fix fcxit in store today because because om just done with this  And it better be more than a 100dollar gc at this point they.  Had their there chance. 

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Re: 4 brand new defective laptops in a row!!!

Hello there, Torial87!

Thank you for your patience. Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums! Gosh what an experience you’ve had. I truly understand your frustration, especially having to go back to the store multiple times because of the laptop issues you were presented with. Would you allow me to research your account to see if there are any options we can help you with? 

Let’s start with some information for us to access your account. Would you provide us with your full name, phone, and email, in a private message to me please? Just click on the ‘Private Message” button located to the far right of my signature below.



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Re: 4 brand new defective laptops in a row!!!

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