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asus laptop never worked

I purchased a laptop a year and 8 months ago from best buy and it gave me problem since I owned it. it was always slow, always randomly shut off, and sometimes wouldn't charge. The most recent issue is it won't turn on at all. Which is a huge issue because I have an assignment on it which issue next week. When I first brought the laptop in I told them I would like it replaced as I think I got a bad laptop. I went back and forth between being on the phone with asus and best buy and geek squad saying they dont know whose responsibility it was to fix and pay for the issue. even though it was under warranty.after bringing it to geek squad and getting it sent away and being without my laptop for two weeks i was told i could pick it up. I picked it up and the issues continued to happen. I brought it back. again i was without my laptop for a month this time though. three months after I continued to have issues but school was over at this point so i didnt really use it. now that school it back on after two weeks it is screwing up again. it continues no to turn on at all now. I went to geek squad to see if there was anything they could do and they said no and it would cost me 100 dollar to get my files off the computer.which i am a student and i do not have the money. I then called asus and explained my issue and they also told me there was nothing i can do. I then spoke with a supervisor and he said the best he could do was pay for the diagnostic but i would have to pay for repairs, which the geek squad guy looked over my file and he said if its the same issue as before the repairs will probably cost more then the laptop is worth. so basically this company has robbed me of over 400 dollars by selling me a no good product and wont replace it. in my opinion that is theft and that is ridiculous that you will not refund my money or replace the laptop that i have paid for that never worked properly like i have said to you guys about6 times on the phone.... i have been hung up so many times even when i am plesant with customer care and i am extremely frustrated. I work 3 jobs and go to school i need a laptop please help i cannot afford to pay for a new laptop and i should not have to as i paid for one less then two years ago and i trusted your company with my money this is ridiculous.

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Re: asus laptop never worked

That is literally what their extended warranties are for. If you would have bought the 2 year gsp they could help you out. At this point it sounds like you did not and they have no way to help you.
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Re: asus laptop never worked

Hello there, MariahMacDonald.

Welcome to our Community here on the Best Buy Forums. Although, I do wish it were under better circumstances. As someone who relies on their own computer daily for both business and personal reasons, I absolutely understand how critical it is to have a reliable device.

While I wouldn't be able to promise any particular outcome at this time, I would be more than happy to take a closer look and see what may be possible at this time. Please feel free to send me a Private Message with the following information:


  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address


From there, I should have enough information to get started. To send me this message, please click the blue "Private Message" button located in my signature below.

Thank you again for reaching out and I look forward to hearing back from you!

All the best,

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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