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The best not to buy

I have shopped at bestbuy for the last ten years or so and I will say I've never had an issue before. However the other day my xbox one x hdmi port went out. No big deal i thought. I have the 2year extended warranty and was told when purchasing that I can just bring it in and get a replacement easy. That unfortunately didn't happen as many other post on this forum and others have had the same issue with best buy warranties. I was given the same spill about how I should have read the terms and conditions that was emailed to me. Hey just a thought dont lie to customers when they purchase a product for an upsell. So anywho yea your right I should have read that you got me so I signed the paper for a repair. Which many people have said is a whole horror story in itself, lost consoles, damaged consoles, not fixed the list goes on cringe. But then in the best buy forums I came across a few post that had the exact same issue but they were given replacement consoles. Both dated in April and july of 2019. Who determines if a console gets replaced. Why if there is the exact same product exact same issue do some get replaced upon bringing it to the store and others have to go to repair first. I also live in Hawaii so I'm looking at a 4wk turn around at minimum. As even if you overnight it that still takes 3-4 days each way. A one x is currently going for $299. Shipping will cost $50+time and materials. So maybe best buy could save a hundred bucks or so by doing this I guess. To me though a lil cash is not worth losing your customers as I as many others will take my money else where.

In closing to anyone who is reading and considering a warranty from best buy. My advice if its not a product replacement plan dont purchase it not worth it
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Re: The best not to buy

Hello, Ellswickc,


Welcome to our community, though I wish we were meeting under better circumstances. It’s never fun when a piece of tech isn’t working correctly, but I’m glad to hear that you invested in a Geek Squad Protection Plan (GSP) so that we can hopefully help you get back up and running.


With gaming consoles, you can see more about service for those items on our gaming console and handheld protection informational page here. In my experience, a product replacement would not typically be the first step under the terms of such a plan for a console like an Xbox One X since there are often repair options. As you have a plan, though I know it can be difficult to go without your console while it is sent out, I would recommend working with your local store to get that process started. If you have questions about your plan and what is covered, please know that you should be able to view your particular plan details by selecting the correct purchase date drop-down from the link here. Either way, I hope this helps to clarify your best step to move forward. Please let me know if you have other questions as I’m always happy to help.  


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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