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Refrigerator Never Properly Repaired - VERY Frustrated (Special Forces)

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I am in Fort Mill, SC.  My LG refrigerator originally died at the end of November 2019 - no cooling at all.  I filed for the reimbursment for food spoilage and Geek Squad scheduled an LG tech to come out.  The LG tech replaced the compressor, but was very rude and unprofessional to my wife (I was not home at the time).  His repair did not fix the problem, and his response was "you need to put more food in it to make it cool."  I spent the next month trying to get another repairmen out, but was continually told that they could only send the LG tech.  His (the LG tech's) response was "I'm the only tech in the area so you deal with me or no one at all.")  I spent the next month going back and forth with Geek Squad with them saying they had no one else to send out.  Then at the end of December I had a rep refer me to Special Forces.  They provided my with an alternate authorized repair company (Appliance Brothers) to come out.  Their repair man came out and sid "You have no idea how many times we've had to come out and deal with his [the LG tech's] failures."  He said the LG tech (who replaced the compressor) never flushed the lines.  The unit has worked within an acceptable tolerance (+/-3 degrees F), until now.  The fridge is at 46F and the freezer is at 37F (when set to 34F and -4F respectively).  I just spoke with Special Forces agent Kelsey and she said I don't qualify for a replacement because they consider a second repair by Appliance Brothers to be ONLY a 2nd repair, not a 3rd.  So I've basically had a non-working refirgerator for over 6 MONTHS!  When I paid an exporbitant amout for the extended warranty.  Now with COVID-19 no one is making in-home repairs, so it could be MONTHS before anyone will do anything about it - additionally Special Forces said IF Appliance Brothers are even willing to come out, I would have to pay for the repair myself and submit for them to consider reimbursement.  I just want a working refrigerator.  I offered to put the unit outside for them to just swap it out with curbside service and hook it all up myself.  But they refused, again saying I didn't quality for a replacement.  I am SO frustrated at this situation and honestly feel that I am being ripped off by Best Buy for them not honoring my extended warranty.  I only HOPE there is someone reading this forum that can do something about tis.  If not, I would advise people to NEVER purchase a major appliance at Best Buy, because you'll be wasting your money.


Thank you and I HOPE someone can help with this!


--- Adam G. {removed per forum guidelines}