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Poor service... Giving real Geeks a bad name!!

On 01/18/2019 - I purchased a ROG Laptop (not your average laptop).
On 09/18/2019 - It stopped operating... 8 months!
On 09/19/2019 - Since it was covered under manufactures warranty and a store extended warranty,

                           I brought it in to the store for repairs.
On 10/10/2019 - I received notification that it was fixed and returned to the store 10:24 am and received by Gariety.
                           I waited for the store to notify me to come in for pickup, but no notification came.
On 10/11/2019 - at 10:30 am I arrived at the Manahawkin store and

                           received a "deer in the headlights" look from Geek Squad...
                          Their response "It must be in inventory"... and they went to the back of the store to find it.
                          at 10:37 am (I am still standing at the counter) I received a text from Geek Squad...

                          go on the website and schedule a pickup.
                          at 10:43 am (guess the morning coffee kicked in and the brain started working)

                          they realized I was standing at the counter.

Now this is where my emotional temperature started to rise. I was told that a motherboard and a fan was replaced... This made sense.. no problem. BUT when I checked the laptop, I found that the had drive had been reset to a factory load (or replaced completely?) When I asked why, I was told that the hard drive had to be replaced when the motherboard is replaced! PURE HOG Wash!!!!! I made my money in the computer industry and I am retired living off the returns from that work. I would have done the repair myself, but it was under warranty and I was expecting it to be repaired by knowledgeable competent personnel... Guess I was wrong! You DO NOT wipe or replace a customers hard drive for YOUR CONVENIENCE... ONLY WHEN IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!! I have backups of all the material that was on the laptop, but now I have to reload the entire laptop to return it back to it's previous state and I cannot do that until I emotionally cool off.


BestBuy USED TO BE the place I obtained my electronics... NOTE: USE TO BE

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Re: Poor service... Giving real Geeks a bad name!!

Hello, DigitalDog,


I appreciate you reaching out!


When it comes to the pick-up of customer repairs, we strongly suggest that our customers wait for their pick-up confirmation email prior to visiting the store. While the shipping may show as delivered by our shipping partners, the unit is first received into inventory by our warehouse employees and is processed in the order in which it was received in the days shipments. Once it is processed, it is sent over to the Geek Squad agents so they can receive it, check what was repaired, ensure it has been properly repaired, and then schedule an appointment. This is done to ensure that the unit is 100% done prior to the customer arriving. 


That being said, at the time of check-in, the agents should have informed you that the unit may be restored. This is done to ensure that there are no lingering issues and that the replacement of any parts, in this case the motherboard, does not cause any troubles with the existing Windows installation. A data backup should have been offered and then your signature is required to confirm that you've ever approved or denied the backup of any important data. I do apologize for any inconvenience you've face and do hope that the above took place. If the store did not follow these steps, feel free to let me know and I'll gladly ensure this concern gets to the right people in the leadership team.



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Re: Poor service... Giving real Geeks a bad name!!

I am 73 years old and did not read about the birth of the personal computer… I lived it! I still remember my first 20MB hard drive. I worked in the computer field for three VERY large companies. Developing networks and server farms from the era when networks were only word processing systems till today’s system. Worked in customer support help desks at the highest level. If a problem could not be resolved, it ended up on my desk to resolve.


- Over 3 weeks to replace a motherboard and fan. REALLY?


- Hard drives do not need to be replaced because the motherboard or a fan is replaced.

MEDIA will not resolve poor service… only cover it up.

For now, I will never set foot in another Best Buy and considering my age… that may be the rest of my life.

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Re: Poor service... Giving real Geeks a bad name!!

Hi, DigitalDog,


Thank you for sharing that process we outlined in our first response might not have occurred. We’d be more than happy to review this further as Dave noted in his reply to you. We’d just need some further information do that. Can you please send us a private message? A private message can be sent to us by choosing the blue “Private Message” button in my signature. Please include your full name, phone number, email address and your service order number.



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Re: Poor service... Giving real Geeks a bad name!!

I dissagree...

Most likely they offered to back up your data for a fee and you declined.. plus if you do know about computers you should have been backing up your data anyway. Especially on an ROG laptop that is literally designed to run HOT and have a limited life span.

Also modern windows keys are embedded in the motherboard, they dont just have a license key on sticker anymore. Changing the motherboard means windows has to be relicensed woth a new key. sometimes you just have to reinstall windows as Microsoft sometimes freaks out when trying to relicense OEM keys.

And.. some of the new video chips on laptops like the ryzen force you to install the custom.oem.driver, if they used a slightly newer version motherboard it may take a different OEM driver and a fresh install would have been the best way to solve it.